Media References and Puns of 2-58 Wood and Steel

With apologies to Jeff Goldblum.

Media References

  • (0:00:19) Ashley: It’s a wild Ashley at the table! (Pokémon)

  • (0:03:50) Ashley: What is this, 1956? What, do you go home and watch Mad Men at night and pretend that’s how the world still is?

  • (0:04:24) Ashley: Are the people supposed to rally behind a guy who looks like a donkey wearing a Jeff Goldblum mask?

  • (0:05:40) Marisha: So that roast of Sam Riegel will be on Comedy Central

  • (0:07:51) Taliesin: Seven days… [...] Travis: I kinda wanted to keep it on the Kickstarter, can we not make it about The Ring?

  • (0:08:51) Matt: … I stop and close my eyes and reminisce about the times at Halloween Horror Nights that we let Travis go first.

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What We Know About the Luxon and Xhorhas (Updated!)

What We Know About the Luxon and Xhorhas (Updated!)

Thanks to @my2k for this art piece!

We’ve heard from a number of you that you appreciate our posts breaking down what we know about the various lore drops on Critical Role, and boy howdy did we get one in the most recent episode! Ahead, we’ll detail the new information The Mighty Nein gained through their experiences in Rosohna.


We learned a lot about the Dynasty’s favorite deity from Empress Leylas Kryn, Skysybil Abrianna Mirimm, and Shadowhand Essek Thelyss in episode 2-57. (Yes, we’ve confirmed all those spellings with Matt.)

The Luxon is responsible for creating the elements that became life on Exandria, scattering itself to bring fire and life to a cold and lonely rock of a planet.

  • The Luxon’s body is held within the Beacons, of which the Dynasty has discovered four.

  • Selected followers of the Luxon go through cycles of rebirth so they can live enough lives to learn the true meaning of why they are on Exandria and to bring the fragments of the Luxon’s puzzle to it when it is reborn, to give it purpose.

  • The Luxon is also the source of a very potent magical force and the beacon is one of many funnels of dunamis power.

  • The followers of the Luxon have periods of worship where they “give [them]selves to the sunlight as part of [their] means of showing [their] faith.”

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Level 9 Update: NEIN

Level 9 Update: NEIN

Thanks to @johannamation for this art piece, and thanks to @Anodesu for the character portraits!

Welcome to level 9, Mighty Nein! At level 9, all characters receive an improvement to their proficiency bonus (now at +4), so all attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws that a character is proficient (or expert) in get a bump. Everyone’s spell save/monk ability DCs also go up. Most of the spellcasters now also have access to 5th level spells, and a certain monk can now parkour a little more easily.

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Media References and Puns of 2-57 In Love and War

Ask not what the Kryn Dynasty can do for you... Wait, no, totally ask what they can do for you, we've got a full list of demands.

Media References

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What We Know About the Xhorhas Situation

What We Know About the Xhorhas Situation

Thanks to @Pandanimaniac for this art piece!

To say the situation at the end of Episode 2-56 is complicated would be a vast understatement. Ahead, we break down everything you need to know to understand what’s going on as The Mighty Nein give their mighty gift to Empress Leylas Kryn. We also have several previous posts with relevant information (and linked quote compendiums) you may want to check out as well:

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Quick Answers 72

So… It’s been a month an a half since the last one of these. You’ve got questions, all right. Updated to 2-56.

Assorted Questions

Are you planning on getting the Search for Grog character sheets of the characters that Travis and Liam played?

To be clear, we don’t “get” the sheets from the players; we reconstruct the sheets based on what we’ve been able to ascertain from what goes in on the games and on Twitter (Thanks Liam!). And yes, we have compiled and posted the sheets!

Does CRS keep track of anything that would help identify at a glance what episodes [may contain content less appropriate for younger viewers who may want to watch]?
Would you ever consider tracking triggering topics (spiders, hanging, child death, discussion of abuse etc) so critters who are affected by such things can be forewarned before they watch the vod?

Does The Dog Die is a crowd-sourced website that does the very thing you’re looking for! Critical Role is already up there, but it looks like the page would benefit from some episode specificity. Any interested critters should check it out and consider updating!

Can you calculate how much damage Jester’s weasel has taken and how many times it survived literal death?

In theory, as of episode 2-56, Sprinkle has avoided:

  • 143 damage

    • 59 fire damage

    • 52 lightning damage

    • 32 poison damage

  • 7 overkills from damage

  • 2 drownings

In practice, Sprinkle has avoided all damage Jester has taken by curling up on the back of her neck in her cloak and dodging during battle.

Do you have a list of all the Beauregard puns?

We post a list of each episode’s media references and puns each week. That said:

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CRStats Favorite Moments, Episodes 2-47 - 2-56

CRStats Favorite Moments, Episodes 2-47 - 2-56

Thanks to @Entirely_Wrong for this art piece!

Another break, another chance to celebrate our favorite moments of the current campaign and Search for Grog!

  • Jester prays for Fjord (Ep2-47, 1:55:25)

  • Fjord tries to give Orly the ship (Ep2-47, 3:34:22)

  • Caduceus communes with the Wildmother (Ep2-47, 3:39:11)

  • Nott and Sheila (Ep2-48, 0:59:34)

  • Marion steps out of the Lavish Chateau (Ep2-48, 2:50:51)

  • Jester totally worships the Platinum Dragon (Ep2-48, 2:58:40)

  • “Wow. WOW.” (Ep2-48, 3:15:44)

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Media References and Puns of 2-56 The Favor

Fun fact: Caleb first used the Beacon in 2-16 A Favor in Kind. One favor deserves another, eh?

Media References

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Monster Analysis: Minotaur-Armanite, Succubus, Incubus, and Quasits

Monster Analysis: Minotaur-Armanite, Succubus, Incubus, and Quasits

Thanks to @HedborgO for this art piece!

Between waking up at 3:00am and reviving Caduceus at dawn, the Nein rolled initiative four times against the demonic scourge of the Abyss. Despite this, we’ll address this whole series as one big battle of attrition.

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Media References and Puns of 2-55 Duplicity

Did we track all of Sam’s terrible puns? Fo’ sho-regard.

Media References

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Monster Analysis: Succubus and Incubus (Bugbear Hovel)

Monster Analysis: Succubus and Incubus (Bugbear Hovel)

Thanks to @T00t_Sparkle for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 1-92 Deals in the Dark

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-54 Well Beneath

  • Armor Class 15

  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 15

  • Speed 30 ft, 60 ft flying

  • Resistant to cold, fire, lightning, poison, and nonmagical weapon damage

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 66, 102

    • Incubus: 36 taken

    • Succubus: 60 damage taken

Incubi and succubi are essentially the same fiend; the only difference between the two is their preferred presented gender. Ultimately, this presentation means little value to the fiend themselves, as they will take whatever form is necessary to tempt a target within their dreams toward corruption. After the target of their “affections” falls prey to betrayal of thought, word, and deed, the succubus and incubus can reap their corrupted soul as their reward.

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Media References and Puns of 2-54 Well Beneath

Well, well, well. The Mighty Nein just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Media References

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