Monster Analysis: Ankhegs

Monster Analysis: Ankhegs
  • First Appearance: 1-98 The Mines of The Many

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-26 Found and Lost

  • Armor Class 14 (11 when prone)

  • Speed 30 ft, burrow 10 ft

  • Darkvision 60 ft, Tremorsense 60 ft, 11 Passive

  • Suggested average, max HP: 39, 66

    • Ankheg 1: 41 damage taken, 11 killing blow by Molly

    • Ankheg 2: 55 damage taken, 14 killing blow by Molly

    • Ankheg 3: 37 damage taken, 10 killing blow by Beau

    • Ankheg 4: 41 damage taken, 15 HDYWTDT by Beau

As we've seen before in the first campaign, Wildemount has an infestation of ankhegs, eight-to-nine-foot tall insect-like monstrosities with extremely acidic projectile saliva. These creatures burrow in caverns, fields, and forests, listening for prey above with their tremorsense. Although their underground travel is slow and not especially difficult to hear, their eruption through the ground provides enough of an element of surprise to allow them to take out prey with either their powerful pincers, their strong claws, or their potent projectile acid spray.

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Media References and Puns of 2-26 Found and Lost

We know that feeling of helplessness you're feeling, and we promise you: You will be found again. There is a world outside of this Ross Dress for Less that is waiting for you.

Media References

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Panic! On the Crispvale (Roadway)

Panic! On the Crispvale (Roadway)

Thanks to @NomTheBurritos for this art piece!

At the end of episode 25, we witnessed Jester, Fjord, and Yasha get taken by Lorenzo and his group of traffickers. We don’t know what direction they were taken in, and while it’s certainly a dire situation, the three of them, and the remaining members of The Mighty Nein, are certainly not without options at their disposal.

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Monster Analysis: Gearkeeper 1.0

Monster Analysis: Gearkeeper 1.0

Art by @kinnamax

  • First Appearance: 2-25 Divergent Paths

  • Armor Class 18 (reducible)

  • Speed Unknown

  • Resistant to nonmagical physical weapon damage

  • Immune to poison damage

  • Immune to poisoned, prone, and exhaustion (potentially more)

  • Does not require food, water, air, or sleep

  • 261 damage taken, 10 HDTWTDT by Molly

Two years ago, Cleff Tinkertop was commissioned by the Starosta to build a creature that would ensure that the most violent criminals in the Gearhold Prison stayed locked up. While the plans and its construction seemed solid, the creation's inability to tell friend from foe, as well as its failure to determine when its services weren't required, proved disastrous the first time it was put to work, killing prisoner and guard alike. Cleff was fined for the resulting damage and reduced to a laughing stock, and his construct was sealed behind a very strong door.

As the Nein learned upon entering the secured wing, it wasn’t just the construct that was sealed; the remaining prisoners in that portion of the Gearhold were locked away along with it. The telltale remains of scratched walls were evidence that the Gearkeeper didn’t slow down once it was sealed. It seems that it only went inert once all life in the area was gone. One could argue that the prisoners who starved to death rather than fell to its blades suffered a worse fate, having to deal with the whirling death machine threatening them 24/7 while they withered away into skeletons.

Though Cleff still had his blueprints for the Gearkeeper, unfortunately for the Nein, his technical jargon shorthand (and Gnomish) were far above their heads. They managed to discern that its core was magical, it had a lens to see, bladed arms to slice, and three layers of armor to protect it and help wheel it around quickly. With that knowledge in their heads and a bucket of tar in hand, they convinced Wardenhelm Poppin Drokrusher to let them have at the Gearkeeper.

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Kiri's Imitations

Kiri's Imitations

Thanks to @sephiramy for this art piece!

Now that Kiri’s time with The Mighty Nein has ended, we’ve put together a compilation of her times imitating the world around her. This definitely isn’t just an excuse to feature lots of art of our bird daughter, who must be protected at all costs. But you can definitely imagine the four of us making you sit through a slideshow presentation called Kiri’s Adventures With The Mighty Nein (Part 1 of 113).

  • Jester Imitations: 62

  • Nott Imitations: 14

  • Calianna Imitations: 10

  • Caleb Imitations: 9

  • Fjord Imitations: 7

  • Beau Imitations: 3

  • Yasha Imitations: 2

  • Non-Sentient Object Imitations: 2

  • Molly Imitations: 1

  • Cleff Imitations: 1

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Quick Answers 64

Will you track the number of times Matt claps before the opening credits?

We keep receiving requests for this one despite answering before, but to definitively nip this in the bud: nope. No plans to do so.

How many nines has the Mighty Nein rolled?

As of episode 25, 132 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls).

How many nines has Vox Machina rolled?

In 115 episodes, 246 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls). Keep in mind that Vox Machina were working with much larger modifiers, making single-digit totals much rarer.

Are there any plans to track Yasha’s flower collection?

  1. (2-04, 3:29:06) Flowers from Nott

  2. (2-04, 3:30:31) Four-leaf clover (already present in book)

  3. (2-19, 2:54:24) Handful of posies

  4. (2-20, 1:00:43) Piece of bark from lightning-struck tree

  5. (2-23, 3:43:01) White flower bud

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CRStats Favorite Moments Episodes 2-13 - 2-25

CRStats Favorite Moments Episodes 2-13 - 2-25

Thanks to @delsinsfire for this art piece!

With Critical Role off this week as they move studios, we hope this list of our favorite moments from campaign two’s episodes 13-25 helps get you through its absence!

  • Caleb, Nott, Beau, and Jester steal the Beacon while Fjord and Molly look on in horror (Ep2-13, 1:18:29)

  • Caleb’s dream (Ep2-13, 3:04:12)

  • We hear some of Pumat Sol’s backstory (Ep2-13, 3:44:19)

  • “Whatcha reading?” (Ep2-13, 3:49:35)

  • Who the f*** is Lucien? (Ep2-13, 4:10:28)

  • Fjord plays the Gambit of Ord against The Gentleman (Ep2-14, 0:34:23)

  • The Gentleman drinks acid (Ep2-14, 0:50:49)

  • We finally learn about Molly’s (lack of) history (Ep2-14, 1:55:04)

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Media References and Puns of 2-25 Divergent Paths

Two paths diverged on the Crispvale Road,
Molly, Caleb, Nott, and Beau were still

Sleeping there; the others, like a load--
Though quite a fight against they had showed--
Were taken away against their will.

Media References

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The Gear Hold Job

The Gear Hold Job

Thanks to @cerigg for this art piece!

The Mighty Nein accepted two missions involving the Gear Hold Prison in Hupperdook. We’ll break down what they are and the moving pieces to keep in mind.

Mission 1: Destroy Clef Tinkertop’s malfunctioning automaton.

Mission 2: Break Glinda and Wallace Schuster out of prison.

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The Hour of Honor!

The Hour of Honor!

Thanks to @hla_rose for this art piece!

It’s the gauntlet of guzzling, the field of flagons, the contest of consumption, the highway to hangovers, the tournament of turntdom. It’s… The Hour of Honor!

The Rules

“When I clap hands together, you both drink. It’s not the first to finish, but it’s one drink after the next. First to pass out or lose their drink, forfeits. With your drinks full, lads, BEGIN!”

If you’re attempting to recreate this event at home, all you need is a lot of beers and a competitive spirit. (We strongly advise against this). The D&D game mechanics, on the other hand, are bit safer and much more reliant on chance: Two opponents roll simultaneous Constitution checks (not saving throws) for each drink consumed in the round. High roll wins that drink, low round takes a hit. First to lose on three drink checks loses the round, and first team to win three rounds claims the honor for the hour, and free drinks and the pot of the week!

This got us thinking. Considering that randomness is the primary determiner of the victor, what exactly were the odds for each drink? Let’s meet the contestants and see what they brought to the table!

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Media References and Puns of 2-24 The Hour of Honor

To the tune of "Come On, Get Happy" by The Partridge Family:

Hupperdook, there’s a bird that we’re bringin’, her name is Kiri!
A lot of mimicking is what she’ll be sayin’, her name is Kiri!
Since we saved her, we’ve been travelin’ together,
Kill some evil merrow then we keep movin’ on!
Repeatin’ what we’re sayin’ whenever we’re together,
Stabbin’ bodies with her dagger even though they’re long gone!
Stop in a bar, there’s a bird that we’re bringin’, her name is Kiri!
In a room with Yasha is where she’ll be stayin’, her name is Kiri!
Her name is Kiri! Her name is Kiri!

Media References

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Monster Analysis: Bandits (Gravelway Path)

  • First Appearance: 2-08 The Gates of Zadash
  • Armor Class 12
  • Speed 30 feet
  • Recommended Average, Max HP: 11, 18
  • Unnamed Bandit: 12+ Damage Taken (Unconscious)
  • Zenny: 8 Damage Taken (Conscious)

Yep. These bozos return.

The last place The Mighty Nein saw Zenny and his crew of pathetic bandits was on the Amber Road on their way from Alfield to Zadash. At that time, however, it was Trevor and his crew of pathetic bandits. You’ll recall that this was the scuffle where Caleb turned Trevor to ash with a Scorching Ray, and Molly made two of the bandits play boulder-parchment-shears with each other to determine who the group’s new leader would be. Zenny won, and after a stern talking to from Molly to pursue a more effective line of work, has apparently led this group of bandits across the Eistus River to harass caravans crossing the Gravelway Path.

Their overturned cart setup was enough to draw out an uncharacteristically unstealthy Nott and her faithful Silent Image, Chent. Chent’s “dancing” drew the bandits’ attention, but because she hadn’t hidden herself very well, their attention was simultaneously drawn to Nott. Nott was peppered with bolt after bolt before the party could spring into action, which raised the stakes before Zenny recognized Molly. The stakes promptly fell as the encounter turned from a serious threat to the fruits of previous labors.

What’s most entertaining is that The Mighty Nein didn’t have to deal a single point of damage this time to claim victory. Nott did anyway for vengeance’s sake, and Beau did knock a dude out, which resulted in Jester getting to add bandit pants to her inventory, so, cherry on top.