Media References and Puns of 2-34 Dockside Diplomacy

Yo ho, yo ho, a failed attempt as a diplomat straight into a pirate’s life for me.

Media References

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Crash Pandas: Too Trashed, Too Curious Masterpost

Crash Pandas: Too Trashed, Too Curious Masterpost

Thanks to @sephiramy for this art piece!

Car Names

Select your vehicle. Then poison the driver.

  • (0:15:00) R.E.V. Speedwagon: Burnt umber 1978 caprice station wagon

  • (0:15:09) Taxicab Concussions: Beat-up NYC Taxicab with the doors painted shut.

  • (0:15:16) Victor von Vroom: Green Corvette that looks zippy but hard to control

  • (0:15:24) The Exterminator: Royal blue exterminator van with Pest Control emblazoned on the side

  • (0:15:33) Mr. Fastee: A huge ice cream truck

  • (1:38:02) Sasscar: An adorable little mini roadster racer.

  • (1:38:32) Mothah Truckah: A tweaked-out GMC pickup that looks steady but slow, but very firm.

  • (1:38:50) Actual Vin Diesel: A supercharged engine.

  • (1:39:32) The Champion, a.k.a. Roadkill: Yellow and blue customized Ferrari with claws out front, its hood ornamented with a raccoon skull.

  • (1:40:30) This Guy On A Motorcycle.

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What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Sluice Weave

What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Sluice Weave

Thanks to @midnigtchan for this art piece!

As The Mighty Nein wait to see what happens now that they’ve cut off Algar’s hand, they’re all standing, though some in much better shape than others. As a reminder, these stats are based on what we tracked. If something is presented otherwise in-game, what happens in-game is canon. We always defer to them.

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What We Know About The Mighty Nein's Time in Nicodranas

What We Know About The Mighty Nein's Time in Nicodranas

Thanks to @luseals for this art piece!

This attack isn’t happening in a place that’s isolated from the rest of society, like the merrow or Siff Duthar battles. There are a lot of people intertwined in The Mighty Nein’s quest to get Algar Dyomin to leave Marion and her clients alone.

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Monster Analysis: Zsundie the Marid, Algar, and Water Elementals

Monster Analysis: Zsundie the Marid, Algar, and Water Elementals

Thanks to @Cyanide_Lemons for this art piece!


  • First Appearance: 1-87 Onward to Vesrah

  • Armor Class 18 (suggested 17)

  • Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft., swim 90 ft.

  • Resistant to Cold, Acid, Lightning

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 229, 306

  • 10 damage taken

Water Elementals

  • First appearance: 1-22 AraMente to Pyrah (as Keyleth)

  • Suggested Armor Class 13 (medium), 14 (large)

  • Speed 30 ft., swim 90 ft.

  • Immune to poison, exhaustion, grappled, paralyzed, poisoned, prone, restrained, unconscious

  • Resistant to acid; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons

  • Suggested average, max damage: 114, 168

    • Medium Elemental 1 (first battle): 64 damage, 4 killing blow by Caleb

    • Medium Elemental 2 (first battle): 79 damage, 17 killing blow by Nott

    • Large Elemental (second battle): 135 damage, 17 killing blow by Yasha

While we’ve analyzed both water elementals and marids previously, the marid in this particular encounter had significant less self-agency than the one Vox Machina encountered in the previous campaign. While all genies prefer to be the slaver rather than the enslaved, powerful mortal magic can bind them to servitude in turn (and marids are the most powerful of all genies… at least, according to them). Commands granted to a marid must be made very carefully, lest the commanded find loopholes that match the letter of the order but fail to match its intent, often at the downfall of the commander.

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Quick Answers 67

Can you keep track of how many times the dodecahedron has been used, and how many of those times it’s been used to reroll something?

Done and done; we now keep this list regularly updated on the Wildemount Running Stats page.

How can Beau buy extra reactions with her ki? Is it homebrewed?

As we stated in our Level 6 Update, Beau now has Mind of Mercury, allowing her to spend a ki to gain an additional reactions (max 2 reactions based on her INT mod). This is all part of the most recent class update to the Monk of the Cobalt Soul.

I am currently watching some of the one-shots done after campaign 1, and I was wondering if there are stats about those episodes!

There are! The easiest way to find information about past one-shots is using the One-Shot tag, especially if you’re looking for articles. If you’re looking for running times or who was present for each of CR’s one-shots (or just need the complete list), the links to those pages are always kept on our Running Stats page under the General Archives.

Is there a comparison to the number of times players rolled with advantage versus disadvantage in Campaign 1?

Vox Machina rolled with disadvantage a total of 351 times across 114 episodes. They rolled with advantage 984 times, or about 3 times more often than they rolled with disadvantage. By contrast, the Mighty Nein have rolled with disadvantage 152 times and advantage 246 times (only about a factor of 2!).

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Media References of 2-34 Encroaching Waters

We also like long-haired Sam.

Media References

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What We Know About: The Gentleman

What We Know About: The Gentleman

Thanks to @souratgar for this art piece!

Since Beau committed mail fraud back in Trostenwald, The Gentleman has been an enigmatic figure in the lives of The Mighty Nein. In light of some discoveries in Nicodranas of just how far his history and reach stretch even beyond the Dwendalian Empire, we thought it necessary to highlight what we know about everyone’s favorite water genasi crime boss thus far. Updated to 2-33.

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Talks Machina Episode 81 Highlights: 2-33

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Taliesin Jaffe and Liam O’Brien!

  • Announcements:

    • Support the RavenRook Kickstarter! Brian used one of their notebooks to take notes in his own home campaign. (”I was the Marisha.”)

    • The NYC live show on Thursday, October 4 still has tickets available! (Liam: ”It’s like the inside of Gilmore’s mind, that theater.”)

    • There’s a new State of the Role video on YouTube and the website!

    • Between the Sheets, CR’s new show, premieres on Monday, September 17 at 7 PM Pacific on CR’s Twitch channel, and then on YouTube about 36 hours later. The first episode features Taliesin Jaffe and is over an hour long. Brian: “Taliesin is like an endless well of darkness and love and joy. So many bad things.”

    • All Work No Play is returning! Premieres on the Twitch channel (also later windowed to YouTube) on Friday, September 28 at 7 PM Pacific. A dire warning from Brian: “Have liquid nowhere near your mouth.” Liam: “We’ve seen some things.”

    • CR is raising money for the Pablove Foundation!

  • Stats for this episode:

    • This is the first episode of campaign 2 to have no crits.

    • There were 16 spells cast this week. Ten of them were Disguise Self, six of those by Jester. Taliesin: “Sometimes you don’t want to be the guy who’s nine feet tall in the theater.”

    • Of the eight Sending messages Jester has sent this campaign, only her last one to the Gentleman was under the 25-word limit.

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Media References and Puns of 2-33 The Ruby and the Sapphire

Ba ba ba, ba Babenon
Ba ba ba, ba Babenon
Oh Babenooon, you left your womaaaan
Supposedly living in the sea
But you're running a crime spree
Ba ba ba, ba Babenon

Media References

  • (0:01:10) Sam: This Sunday, September 9th, or 9/9 is the first game of the regular season for Travis’ favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys.

  • (0:01:35) Sam: And this year, the standout defensive player was none other than Antwaun Woods, number ninety-nine.

  • (0:01:46) Sam: I have done the unthinkable: I am wearing a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt.

  • (0:02:36) Sam: *is wearing a Keep Calm and Hate Dallas shirt*

  • (0:02:53) Marisha: And definitely blood on the Wyrmwood.

  • (0:07:40) Travis: *says something in evil voice* Taliesin: That was a really good Dr. Claw. Matt, in Dr. Claw voice: I will get you, Gadget!

  • (0:14:31) Taliesin: This will work out way better than that Tamagotchi you owned.

  • (0:16:04) Travis: Maybe we drive towards the coast and take the PCH down to Nicodranas? Taliesin: Big Sur is nice this time of year. Travis: Carmel-by-the-Sea’s a peach.

  • (0:22:57) Marisha: You look like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago.

  • (0:35:06) Sam: Offer it tenure.

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Monster Analysis: The Iron Woe

Monster Analysis: The Iron Woe

Miniature design and creation by @russ_charles and @SteamforgedLtd;
Miniature painting by 

Liam made this year’s Burning Man one-shot a family affair, pitting the newly-introduced Lorelei siblings of Deastok against their own ancestry and ancestors. In the attempt to save their father, they ran against more of their family history than they had been aware… And learned that the family curse extended beyond mere lycanthropy.

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Song of the Lorelei Master Post

Song of the Lorelei Master Post

Thanks to @totalpartykillr for this art piece!

For the Third Annual Burning Man One-Shot Filler Episode, Liam O’Brien takes us into another part of Wildemount, where we see another facet of the continent’s residents. The effects of wars of the past have shaped the lives of many, and the tale of the Lorelei bloodline proves that the wars of old have ways of living beyond their end...

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