Media References of 2-34 Encroaching Water

We also like long-haired Sam.

Media References

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What We Know About: The Gentleman

What We Know About: The Gentleman

Thanks to @souratgar for this art piece!

Since Beau committed mail fraud back in Trostenwald, The Gentleman has been an enigmatic figure in the lives of The Mighty Nein. In light of some discoveries in Nicodranas of just how far his history and reach stretch even beyond the Dwendalian Empire, we thought it necessary to highlight what we know about everyone’s favorite water genasi crime boss thus far. Updated to 2-33.

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Media References and Puns of 2-33 The Ruby and the Sapphire

Ba ba ba, ba Babenon
Ba ba ba, ba Babenon
Oh Babenooon, you left your womaaaan
Supposedly living in the sea
But you're running a crime spree
Ba ba ba, ba Babenon

Media References

  • (0:01:10) Sam: This Sunday, September 9th, or 9/9 is the first game of the regular season for Travis’ favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys.

  • (0:01:35) Sam: And this year, the standout defensive player was none other than Antwaun Woods, number ninety-nine.

  • (0:01:46) Sam: I have done the unthinkable: I am wearing a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt.

  • (0:02:36) Sam: *is wearing a Keep Calm and Hate Dallas shirt*

  • (0:02:53) Marisha: And definitely blood on the Wyrmwood.

  • (0:07:40) Travis: *says something in evil voice* Taliesin: That was a really good Dr. Claw. Matt, in Dr. Claw voice: I will get you, Gadget!

  • (0:14:31) Taliesin: This will work out way better than that Tamagotchi you owned.

  • (0:16:04) Travis: Maybe we drive towards the coast and take the PCH down to Nicodranas? Taliesin: Big Sur is nice this time of year. Travis: Carmel-by-the-Sea’s a peach.

  • (0:22:57) Marisha: You look like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago.

  • (0:35:06) Sam: Offer it tenure.

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Monster Analysis: The Iron Woe

Monster Analysis: The Iron Woe

Miniature design and creation by @russ_charles and @SteamforgedLtd;
Miniature painting by 

Liam made this year’s Burning Man one-shot a family affair, pitting the newly-introduced Lorelei siblings of Deastok against their own ancestry and ancestors. In the attempt to save their father, they ran against more of their family history than they had been aware… And learned that the family curse extended beyond mere lycanthropy.

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Song of the Lorelei Master Post

Song of the Lorelei Master Post

Thanks to @totalpartykillr for this art piece!

For the Third Annual Burning Man One-Shot Filler Episode, Liam O’Brien takes us into another part of Wildemount, where we see another facet of the continent’s residents. The effects of wars of the past have shaped the lives of many, and the tale of the Lorelei bloodline proves that the wars of old have ways of living beyond their end...

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Media References and Puns of Song of the Lorelei


Media References

(0:02:07) Sam: A few days ago, we launched a charity campaign with Blair Herter and the Pablove Foundation.

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Monster Analysis: Kestriv’s Traveling Pet Shop

Monster Analysis: Kestriv’s Traveling Pet Shop

Thanks to @totalpartykillr for this art piece!

We know, we know, they’re not monsters! They are super adorable, well-cared for, (mostly) well-trained creatures raised for the express purpose of providing companionship for responsible individuals who are capable of offering the love, care, oversight, shelter, and dietary needs each furry or feathered friend requires.

Naturally, the pets were bought by The Mighty Nein instead.

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Monster Analysis: Ettins (Wuyun Gorge)

Monster Analysis: Ettins (Wuyun Gorge)

Thanks to @p_agurcia for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 1-022 AraMente to Pyrah

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-032 Beyond the Boundaries

  • Armor Class 12

  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 14

  • Advantage on Perception checks and Wis saves

  • Speed 40 ft.

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 85, 130

    • Ettin 1: 111 damage taken, 9 HDYWTDT by Beau

    • Ettin 2: 104 damage taken, 25 HDYWTDT by Caleb

As we mentioned in our first ettin Monster Analysis, ettins are two-headed giantkin with uniquely named personalities in each head, and a combined intelligence in both on par with Grog Strongjaw. Ettins are fairly argumentative even with themselves; the alliance between two ettins are usually extremely short-lived as any plans quickly devolve into four-headed shouting matches.

The ettins staked in Wuyun Gorge, only a few hours outside the protection of the Crownsguard, had apparently enough of a system to gain half of an eaten goat. It’s unclear how many successful ambushes they had lain in the past, but we’re disinclined to declare the partnership especially effective.

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Talks Machina Episode 80 Highlights: 2-32

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Liam O’Brien and Sam Riegel!

  • Announcements: 

    • No Talks Machina next Tuesday, but they will be back the following week to discuss episode 33 of CR. Next Tuesday, instead of Talks, they’re filming something very special for the new channel. Sam: “You are? Oh, god.” 

    • Handbooker Helper premieres tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific Time at! The first episode focuses on dice basics. 

    • There’s a new charity drive for the Pablove Foundation, dedicated to research toward ending children’s cancer; they’ve already hit the first $20k benchmark, which means Sam will be DMing a game of Crash Pandas! The next goal is $50k, which will be used to establish a research grant.

  • Stats for this episode:

    • Nott has successfully disguised herself 12 times since the campaign started.

    • Caleb’s most-cast spells (in order): Alarm, Firebolt, and Identify.

    • The party has spent 55 of their 81 days together on the road.

    • Gustav’s sentence in Trostenwald lasted 77 days. He averaged about 7 gold, 8 copper per day of work.

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Media References and Puns of 2-32 Beyond the Boundaries

We'd argue that freedom was a major theme of this episode. Freedom of gems from enclosed spaces, freedom of prisoners from time served, freedom of pets from traveling cages, freedom of Mephistopheles from [in]famous voice directors...

Media References

  • (0:00:18) Matt: Congrats on them making it through the Bonegrinder. (Curse of Strahd)

  • (0:02:27) Sam: *singing* I’m going to get, get, get, get, get you drunk, get you love drunk on my humps! My humps, my humps! (“My Humps” by Black Eyed Peas)

  • (0:02:44) Sam: I, Mephistopheles, hereby release you from our pact.

  • (0:03:45) Matt: Entitled Handbooker Helper. [...] ...the people in Hamburger Helper’s marketing team...

  • (0:06:51) Liam: We’re bringing in friends TJ Storm and Erica Luttrell.

  • (0:07:56) Liam: On all our breaks, [he] was just playing Civ on PC.

  • (0:09:29) Matt: It’s the worst ARG element of our whole show’s campaign.

  • (0:18:40) Matt: It’s gone critical!

  • (0:25:33) Travis: Ten points to Gryffindor! (Harry Potter)

  • (0:26:51) Taliesin: Magic domes.  Marisha: Shiftpods.  Taliesin: I wasn’t going to say it.

  • (0:27:30) Liam: There’s Crate and Barrel.

  • (0:29:33) Travis: What kind of gnoll, did you ask? Regular. (“Breaking the Law” by Judas Priest)

  • (0:29:50) Marisha: Sometimes they aren't regular. Sometimes they’re undead ones.  Taliesin: Irregular gnolls. (“Breaking the Law” by Judas Priest)

  • (0:44:45) Liam: It was a little bit Egg McMuffin, if you know what I’m saying.

  • (0:54:17) Travis: You’re seven-foot Bob Ross, I love it!

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Quick Answers 66

Stats for Fjord’s falchion with the Summer’s Dance enchantment?

Fjord’s falchion, as Matt detailed on Reddit, takes on the enchantment of whatever blade he attunes to. However, if the falchion had an enchantment from a previous weapon on it already, the previous enchantment is lost and the previous weapon is destroyed forever.

Fjord previously attuned to the Wastehunter Blade, which he took from the Xhorhasian infiltrator in the sewers of Zadash after the attempted toppling of the Zauber Spire. Its enchantment allowed him to deal an additional 1d6 necrotic damage to beasts and monstrosities. Fjord has now attuned with Summer’s Dance, the sword Molly previously wielded. Molly got that sword from the merrow hoard in the Ounterloch. It enables the wielder to cast Misty Step once (we’re thinking once per long rest, though that’s not confirmed).

Do you have a count on the total number of sets of manacles they've found?

About 13 sets. We’re not including manacles that were already on people in The Sour Nest, since those weren’t really “found.”

  • (Ep2-07, 3:59:53) Large set from manticore lair

  • (Ep2-16, 1:53:07) Set from hidden alcove in the Underworks

  • (Ep2-21, 4:00:53) 4 bloody sets from the Labenda Swamp safehouse

  • (Ep2-28, 3:40:07) A few sets seen by Frumpkin

  • (Ep2-30, 0:48:55) 4 sets in new Bag of Holding in The Sour Nest

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Talks Machina Episode 79 Highlights: 2-31

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Marisha Ray and Matt Mercer!

  • Announcements:

    • A one-shot will be airing on August 30 in place of Critical Role (Matt, Marisha, and Taliesin will be away).

    • A new Critical Role show will be announced (I have seen the future).

    • Crew AMA on Friday at 2 PM Pacific on the /r/criticalrole subreddit!

  • Stats for this episode:

    • The party spent 4,047 gold and 2 silver, plus the cost of the Dust of Deliciousness and the straw hat, in their downtime shopping (Matt’s enjoying the financial caution that comes from being at low levels).

    • Nott’s discarded save against the Bead of Force was the M9′s 3,000th d20 roll.

    • Jester used eight of her ten spell slots and both uses of Channel Divinity during the prank/escape.

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