What We Know About Hotis and the Nine Hells: A Summary

Vox Machina is determined to put an end to Hotis once and for all. To do that, they’ll need to make the dangerous trek through the Nine Hells. Did you start watching Critical Role at the Feywild arc and have no idea what’s going on? Forgotten the details of the Trial of the Take episodes? Curious about the Hells? We’ve got you covered. First, we have a link to our quote compendium about the Hells and Hotis. Second, below the cut we have a summary of the relevant information- spoilers abound! We’re going to largely steer clear of any speculation beyond the information that was laid out on Critical Role. Remember: the Nine Hells on Critical Role may have similarities and differences from the Nine Hells described in the DMG.

The Hotis Quote Compendium

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Gil References

Talks Machina 15 (0:38:32)

Brian: Should we have-- oh, I hate to do this to them, should we have CritRoleStats keep track of how many times Gil f***s someone or not?
Travis: Sure, yeah!
Matt: This is true; they don’t have enough to keep track of! Just throw more on the pile! I’m so sorry guys, I’m so sorry.
Brian: Andrew just threw a beer at the screen.
Gil: They’re five people, right?

Four, to be precise. Luckily, we have the most awesome volunteers in the world who stepped up to help us out! Updated to Episode 90.

For any critters who don’t know, Gil Ramirez is a blacksmith, critter, and all-around delightful person who forged dice for the Critical Role cast. You should go check out his work here.

Thanks to Alexandra, @ChrisVLinden, clefos, @dutchcritter, @EBalensuela, @fancynancypie, icecream-s-coops, @InvictusRob, @JacobSBrowning, @jgraveart, @Ju_Draakje, @_miss_maria_, mthwiz, @omrjeuss, Rosie-Lostbetweenthepages, @RowenaHighland1, soaringsparrows, Supertoasty, themeaningofnight, and zahra-hana for their work compiling this list!

  • Times Gil’s Dice Helped: 25
  • Times Gil’s Dice Hurt: 9
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Media References and Puns of Episode 90: Voice of the Tempest

Vox Machina: Making country songs out of fiends, shop owners, and city guardsmen since 2012

Media References

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Quick Answers 50

This is our fiftieth Quick Answers post! We appreciate your enthusiasm and curiosity, Critters. Don't forget to check out our FAQ, Running Stats, Rankings, and Character Sheets. If you have other questions, you can use our new Contact form or Tumblr Ask.

Can you tell Matt and the cast that the numbers they said are wrong, so they can fix them?

We could, but we also prefer to lead by example and observe & record without interference. While they can throw our numbers off from time to time and have a drastic impact on the story, mistakes are part of the game, and the story goes the direction it goes. If the players want to contest or fix those, we’ll leave it up to them to do so. It’s their game and their story.

Well, can you at least publicly confirm said mistakes with us, so we can tell them to fix them?

See above about leading by example. We’re not going to publicize their mistakes. Think about how it would make you feel to have a stranger reprimand you for not using a particular character ability after your D&D game. Even if they meant it to be helpful, it comes across as invasive and nitpicky. When in doubt, err on the side of empathy and kindness!

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Puns of Episode 89: Curious Tides

Beware the orca-strations of the gods!  (Real Talk: the cheesiness of that pun almost caused a full-scale war between the CRStats team members.)

  • (2:06:55) Liam: Enough about strawberry, how about RAW-berry?!  Taliesin: Juice Springsteen!
  • (2:12:48) Grog: Most rods are good close up.
  • (2:37:00) Vex: Probably need to start studying Orcus as well.  Grog: Why?  Vax: Uh, Orcas. Orcas. After all of that undersea...  Vex: All those killer whales.  Vax: Struggles.  Grog: Oh. Know our allies, yeah.
  • (2:37:18) Percy: Let’s take our time before the orcas.
  • (2:57:32) Grog: Because of my high OFF-ice, I will forgive this OFF-ense.
  • (3:01:04) Percy: Happy rebirthday!
  • (3:09:25) Laura: This is a journal! (pronounced as girl-nel)

Media References of Episode 89: Curious Tides

Who stole the lodestones from the Kraken's lair? Vox Machina stole the lodestones from the Kraken's lair? Who me? Yes, you! Couldn't be! It's true!

Monster Analysis: Kraken

Monster Analysis: Kraken

Thanks to @_lanternshark_ for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 88 Tangled Depths
  • Armor Class 18
  • Speed 20 ft., 60 ft. swimming
  • Truesight 120 ft, Passive 14, Telepathy to 120 ft
  • Immune to lightning, non-magical physical weapon damage
  • Immune to frightened and paralyzed
  • Legendary actions (NO legendary resistances)
  • Suggested average, max HP: 472, 729
  • 804 estimated total damage taken
    • 374 estimated to tentacles

Taliesin: And I feel so useless.
Matt: Welcome to fighting a kraken, buddy.

Older than most mortals can fathom, the kraken is one of the few remaining creatures in the Monster Manual that, completely unmodified, can provide a terrifying, deadly challenge for even heavily seasoned adventurers. Originally bred for purpose in the war of the primordial titans, the krakens broke free. Dangerously intelligent and cunning, krakens ultimately exist to destroy, and tales of lost ships and destroyed seaside civilizations haunt seafarers and coastal dwellers alike.

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Evening the Odds: Vax'ildan and the Kraken

Evening the Odds: Vax'ildan and the Kraken

Thanks to @Jebminn for this art piece!

We’ve looked at the odds of Vax surviving a close brush with death while wearing the Deathwalker’s Ward before, and while advantage certainly helps, it obviously wasn’t enough to save him from the kraken. We decided to look at the probabilities of the exact series of events that occurred with Vax, Grog, and the kraken, starting from the tentacle and bite that knocked the champion of the Raven Queen out, just to see how likely this scenario was. Many, many thanks to anydice.com for the damage probabilities- that many dice gets complicated very quickly.

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Media References and Puns of Episode 88: Tangled Depths

Under the sea, under the sea, down where the tentacles are grabbin', ancient creatures are snackin', Beware Of The Kraken! Under the sea!

Media References:

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How to (Not) Fight a Kraken

Vox Machina faces the daunting task of stealing from a Kraken…without disturbing said Kraken. Headmaster Uvenda, Heart of the Tides of the water tribe who would know more than anyone about the Plane of Water and the Kraken, gravely warned Vox Machina that to try to face a Kraken is folly. So, we’re going to approach this not as a preview to a battle, but through the lens of trying to avoid a battle with the pet of the Titans.

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