Media References of Episode 87: Onward to Vesrah

For those of you counting at home, there were two Hamilton references made in this episode.

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Monster Analysis: Taryon Darrington (and Doty!)

Monster Analysis: Taryon Darrington (and Doty!)

Thanks to @tressela for this art piece!

Here’s the full battle analysis: in three rounds, Taryon got a single turn to show what he could do. Doty at least got the option to attack in all three, surprise round included. While we still learned a lot about Tary, the encounter was less to see what he could do and more about breaking him down so that Vox Machina could actually work with him.

With that out of the way, that leaves us room to talk everything we know about Taryon Gary Darrington (and Doty!).

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Quick Answers 49

Why did you remove…?

If you’ve been digging in our archives in the past week, you may be disappointed to find a number of articles missing. Have no fear; they’re not completely gone, and will be returning somewhere else. On a somewhat related note, we’re probably going to be under a little bit of construction this weekend. Trust us, it’ll be worth it!

Is there a confirmed spelling for Taryon’s sidekick’s name?

Yep, Sam confirmed that it’s Doty. (And we strongly suspect it’s homage to the current Head of Live Broadcasting & Production.)

How many projectiles were thrown/shot at Sam over the course of Episode 85?

Not enough.

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Puns of Episode 86: Daring Days

Imagine if Tary’s unmarried sister was a successful, rebellious librarian. Then she could be Made Maid Maryanne the Contrarian Librarian! …We’ll see ourselves out.

  • (0:23:02) Laura: *rubbing Travis’ face* This is a strong jaw!
  • (0:51:40) Taryon: Tary On with Taryon Darrington, The Terrific and Terrifying Tales of Taryon Darrington, Fifty Shades of Tary, Bravado! The T. Darrington Story, Zen and the Art of Robot Manservant Repair, Adventuring for Dummies, The Things They Taryed, The Blond Hair of Courage, The Adventures of Huckletary Finn, The Odyssey, Tary’s Daring Dos and Daring Do Nots, Dungeons & Darringtons, and, this one just popped into my head: Critical Patrol.
  • (1:00:10) Keyleth: Irritated? Or was ‘inferior’ the word you were looking for?  Percy: Vexed.  Keyleth: Vexed! That’s a good word.  Vex: It is a good word.  Grog: That’s her name!
  • (1:03:31) Taryon: In battle, I am deft. Fearless.  Grog: You’re deaf?
  • (2:28:50) Percy: Then she’ll be a Made Maid Maryanne! …I may be drunk.
  • (2:30:58) Taryon: I do know [my father] is ruthless and a bastard, if you ask me truthfully.  Vax: Literally?  Taryon: No, I mean we had a grandfather, so I think he’s not really a bastard. I think. What do you mean?  […] Vax: So you mean s***head.
  • (2:43:53) Vex: Maybe we can go down to the docks. …Are there docks here? […] Sam: She meant the doctor’s office.
  • (2:53:50) Vex: Do you want me to pull it out?  Grog: Phrasing.
  • (2:59:55) Taryon: Let’s TARY ON!
  • (3:22:08) Liam: I’m sure your boat shoes are very white. 

Media References of Episode 86: Daring Days

We’d imagine that, when Taryon acts out his stories with Doty, that he always gets to be Alexander in their productions of Hamilton.

  • (0:19:57) Sam: Dick in a box? He invented that in 1930! (“Dick in a Box” by The Lonely Island) NSFW
  • (0:21:28) Matt: Tary’s the new Sombra! (Overwatch)
  • (0:22:34) Travis: Ain’t nothin’ but a gangsta party! (“2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” by Tupac) NSFW
  • (0:23:31) Marisha: Once you pop, you just don’t stop! Oh god, now it’s a Pringles reference.
  • (0:24:12) Taliesin: …who would win in a fight, Superman or Thor.  Sam: Thor.  Taliesin: Superman, actually.
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Door Struggles

Critters asked: How many cumulative hours has Vox Machina fought with doors on stream?

It’s impossible to say in in-game time because some of it wasn’t measured in neat 6-second rounds. We can, however, measure real life time! For this (and for fun), we decided to include some barriers and portals that functioned as doors as well. We didn’t include doors that didn’t pose a threat to Vox Machina. Updated to Episode 85.

Time Spent Dealing With Doors and Barriers: 4:11:13

Thanks to icecream-s-coops@JacobSBrowning@_miss_maria_, Monique S., and our past volunteers for their work compiling this list!

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Quick Answers 48

Who was it that killed each individual member of the conclave with what attack? (for fanart purposes)

  • Brimscythe: Vax’ildan, Unknown (presumably a dagger)
  • Umbrasyl: Grog, Bloodaxe
  • Vorugal: Vex’ahlia, Fenthras
  • Thordak: Vax’ildan, Whisper
  • Raishan: Kerrek, Dusk Warhammer

Did Vex drop Demons for her favorite enemy? I was rewatching the episode where Vex and Percy were in the library and Laura brought it up but then said never mind.

Nothing has been stated on the show about it, as far as we know.

I would like to know how many times Laura has used swear words OOC and IC on the show?

We have no problem with strong language, but we still want to keep the language (relatively) clean on the site. Also, we no longer take tracking requests that require a full-show rewatch. (Friendly reminder to also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!)

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Media References and Puns of Episode 85: A Bard’s Lament

Fun fact: This was the third time in six episodes that the magazine Highlights was referenced!

Media References

  • (0:03:27) Matt: [For Honor’s] like the upgrade of Dark Souls’ combat
  • (0:03:43) Liam: *vague Christopher Walken impression* I’m going down and stuff. […] It’s important to point out we’re not doing Walken any more, we’re doing our impression of Troy [Baker]
  • (0:06:45) Laura: Do I? Do I?!  Travis: Do I? […] Laura: We watched Galaxy Quest last night.
  • (0:12:25) Matt: Morpheus is fighting Neo! (The Matrix)
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A Tribute to Scanlan Shorthalt

With the parting of ways that took place in Episode 85, we look back at some of our personal favorite moments of the gnome bard from the first 84 episodes of Critical Role.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break.

Have you heard of Scanlan the sad?

Couldn’t ask for a better comrade.

He walked off with Kaylie

To learn on the daily

How to be the best Shorthalt dad.

  • Scanlan’s first kill is the first HDYWTDT of Critical Role (Ep01, 2:59:13)
  • Scanlan and Pike kick off the Emberhold breach (Ep06, 1:17:34)
  • Shaming a duergar to death (Ep07, 2:31:53)
  • King Murghol should’ve stood on his head (Ep07, 3:37:35)
  • Scanlan doesn’t “make promises to dogs.” (Ep09, 0:35:29)
  • Scanlan banishes Queen Ulara (Ep09, 0:50:58)
  • Holy Man Scanlan (Ep16, 1:13:49)
  • “You’ll leave when Burt Reynolds tells you to leave.” (Ep19, 2:50:12)
  • Burt Reynolds gets Keyleth and Tiberius out of jail (Ep23, 1:38:03)
  • Scanlan serenades Sherri (Ep24, 1:05:34)
  • “I don’t run, I Dimension Door.” (Ep25, 0:44:14)
  • “Here’s my plan: We’re all cows.” (Ep26, 2:34:38)
  • Vex and Scanlan talk to a couple on the streets of Whitestone (Ep29, 1:54:23)
  • Scanbo (Ep31, p1. 0:13:45)
  • Shaming a ghost back to death (Ep33, 2:00:00)
  • Scanlan drops Percy’s gun into acid (Ep35, p2. 0:07:04)
  • Scanlan writes an epic poem and commissions a painting (Ep36, 0:25:09)
  • Scanlan and Kaylie have a chat (Ep38, 1:20:07)
  • Scanlan puts Earthbreaker Groon to sleep (Ep43, 3:00:58)
  • Casting the Resilient Sphere on the efreet (Ep46, 1:58:26)
  • Grog and Scanlan talk about, and to, Craven Edge (Ep47, 2:36:52)
  • Scanlan wheels into the orc camp (Ep49, 0:39:23)
  • Scanlan and Kaylie pretend to be Stonejaw Strongjaw (Ep51, 0:10:39)
  • Scanlan successfully holds Kevdak (Ep52, 0:26:54)
  • Scanlan proposes to Pike (Ep53, 2:52:55)
  • Fisting the wound and turning Grog into an eagle (Ep55, 0:38:39)
  • Scanlan gives Kaylie a specially crafted gift (Ep56, 3:21:30)
  • Hat buying (Ep57, 1:27:24)
  • Diving off of a Whitestone balcony to stab Hotis (Ep58, 0:52:18)
  • Scanlan is a collector of hats (Ep60, 1:42:31)
  • “Do you spice? Spice it?” (Ep65, 2:23:26)
  • The Meatman (Ep66, 2:24:18)
  • Scanlan finally traps Ripley (Ep68, 4:19:14)
  • After a successful Gate spell, Scanlan sings to Yenk (Ep71, 2:21:48)
  • Scanlan saves Vox Machina from 50,000 efreeti with Modify Memory (Ep76, 2:48:43)
  • Scanlan saves Vox Machina from Raishan’s Prismatic Spray with Counterspell (Ep80, 1:36:33)
  • Scanlan tries suude (Ep81, 0:29:28)

Monster Analysis: Earthbreaker Groon, Round 2

Monster Analysis: Earthbreaker Groon, Round 2

Thanks to @ForgingMeanings for this art piece!

  • First appearance: 23 THE REMATCH
  • Previous encounter: 43 Return to Vasselheim
  • Encounter appearance: 85 A Bard’s Lament
  • Level 18 or higher Monk, Way of the Open Hand
  • Armor Class 23 (10 + Dex 7 + Wis 6)
  • Difficulty Class 20 (8 + Prof 6 + Wis 6)
  • Base Speed 60 ft (30 ft + Unarmored Movement 30 ft)
  • 3 Legendary Resistances (unused)
  • Legendary Actions (3 used)
  • 18-20 Ki points, 14 used
  • 412 damage taken, 37 HDYWTDT by Grog
    • 54-60 points healed mid-battle

Grog’s second tussle with the leader of the temple of Kord was no less exciting than the first. Groon didn’t pull any punches, so to speak, against the solo-fighting goliath. In the end, Kord’s strength was with them both.

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Battle Preview: Earthbreaker Groon Part 2

Battle Preview: Earthbreaker Groon Part 2

Thanks to @Mightydubz for this art piece!

We discussed the abilities of the Earthbreaker in our Monster Analysis just under a year ago when Grog, Vax, and Scanlan first faced him in combat. From what we saw of Groon in the first bout, here’s what we know about his abilities.

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Who Wields It Better: Dragon Slayer Longsword

Our post about the Boots of Haste got us thinking about another magical item that has been passed around Vox Machina: the Dragon Slayer Longsword. Who could make the best use of it? As we considered the question, we realized we needed to answer three others:

  • Who deals the most damage with it?
  • Who can deal more damage with it than with their usual weaponry?
  • Who has the best chance of using it on a dragon?
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