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How many times has Taryon has puked since he appeared?

  • Episode 87 (0:46:15)
  • Episode 88 (2:23:53)
  • Episode 90 (2:35:38) and (2:35:57)
  • Episode 91 (2:50:44)
  • Episode 92 (3:20:38)
  • Episode 94 (3:31:08)

How many times has Vax used his Reliable Talent feature?

Approximately 95 times. An exact number is difficult because we don’t know how many times he rolled a natural 10 versus actually getting to use the feature.

Can we get a Monster Analysis for Sam Riegel? Because I'm pretty sure he's not human.

  • Sam Riegel, Bard Level 20
  • First Appearance: 01 Arrival at Kraghammer
  • Armor Class: 14
  • Speed: 30 ft
  • Fey Ancestry, Immune to charm effects
  • Proficient with wine aerating tools
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Monster Analysis: Gray Render

Monster Analysis: Gray Render

Thanks to @NightslayerDan for the art!

  • First Appearance: 94 Jugs and Rods
  • Armor Class 17
  • Darkvision 60 ft
  • STR 22, DEX 10, CON 24
  • WIS 12, INT 3, CHA 8
  • 10 ft reach
  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 125, 170
  • 263 damage taken, 22 HDYWTDT by Vex’ahlia
    • 19 finishing blow for 282 total damage by Vex’ahlia

Like the chain golem, the gray render is another pull from 3.5e and Pathfinder (instead of 5e). Nine- to ten-feet-tall magical beasts of usually non- or neutral alignment, gray renders often find and latch onto “pets,” whom they'll protect to the death for the next ten years of their life. Their perception is aided by their six eyes. To quote Matt directly:

“[Gray Renders] are asexual creatures that only reproduce one, asexually, per generation. They are territorial, and very protective of their young, and generally sometimes bind themselves as a protector of a certain territory… [G]iven certain circumstances can choose either an individual or space to protect, as well. But, that can depend on circumstances. Otherwise, they can be a dangerous force of nature.”

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The State of the Contract

The State of the Contract

Thanks to @Takayuuki_art for this art piece!

With Utugash and Hotis destroyed, many have wondered at the state of Percy’s contract with Ipkesh. The tenets of Pact 1 are:

  • Ipkesh provides Percy and his companions with a guide to get them to Utugash
  • Percy and his companions kill Utugash without Ipkesh being implicated
  • Ipkesh ensures that Percy and his companions are escorted unharmed and unspoiled to the Bastion of Flesh
  • Ipkesh ensures that Percy and his companions’ equipment is returned to them
  • Ipkesh provides information to lead Percy and his companions to Hotis.
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Monster Analysis: Chain Golem and Hotis

Monster Analysis: Chain Golem and Hotis

Chain Golem

  • First Appearance: 93 Bats Out of Hell
  • Armor Class: between 14 and 24
  • Construct: Immune to Percy’s Head Shot effect


Although the chain golem may not be present in the 5e Monster Manual or similar guides, it has a very rich lore within the 3.5 edition Monster Manual II. The kytons were infernal beings who were so depraved that the gods locked them up in the deepest pockets of the Hells. The kytons escaped from the Hells to the Shadowfell, where their depravity and love for masochism intensified. They embraced their chains and tore their own flesh from their bodies, replacing it with what they could carve from more powerful mortals as the means to their patchworked longevity and social status.

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Monster Analysis: Devils of the Jailbreak

The prison of Mentiri hosted many devils, all whom shared an eagerness in their duties to inflict punishment on those in their tender care. On their way in, Vox Machina were given a grand tour of the devils that busied themselves there, but did not have to worry about fighting them until they managed to break out of their cell.


Before they could start their search for Hotis, Vox Machina had to put their faith in the contract Percy signed with Ipkesh. They allowed themselves to be locked up without incident, not that they could have tried anything, what with being manacled. What greeted them was a huge, masochistic chain devil.

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Media References and Puns of Episode 93: Bats Out of Hell

The devils are screaming and the fires are burning/ Way down in the Nine Hells tonight./ There's a man in Mentiri with a gun in his eye/ And some bats flying oh so high./ There's evil in the air and there're Whispers in the sky,/ And Ipkesh is on the city's street./ Oh and down in Mentiri where the devils are torturing,/ Oh I swear I saw a werebear roaming the dark halls,/ She was starting to rage from the heat./ Like bats out of Hell/ They'll be gone when the Plane Shift's cast/ When Hotis is splattered/ Like bats out of Hell/ They'll be gone gone gone/ They'll be gone when the Plane Shift's cast

Media References

  • (0:02:11) Matt: He’s a heavily experimented-on Ood who’s massively buff and looks kind of like Nemesis from Resident Evil 3.
  • (0:08:27) Marisha and Taliesin do the Thriller dance
  • (0:12:11) Travis: (singing) We belong together! And you-- that’s all I’ve got. (“End of the Road” by Boyz II Men)
  • (0:23:37) Travis: He was dancin’, dancin’! (“Dancin’ Dancin’” by the Blackbyrds)
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Monster Analysis: Utugash the Pit Fiend, Bone and Bearded Devils

Monster Analysis: Utugash the Pit Fiend, Bone and Bearded Devils

Thanks to @JustADakota for this art piece!

  • Encounter Appearance: 93 Bats Out of Hell
  • Armor Class 20 (Suggested 19)
  • Truesight 120 ft, Passive 14
  • Speed 30 ft, 60 ft flying
  • Resistant to cold and nonmagical, nonsilvered physical damage
  • Immune to fire and poison damage
  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 300, 408
  • 602 damage taken, 19 HDYWTDT by Tova

Vox Machina found themselves, for the second time, commissioned to assassinate a pit fiend. While they (and their target) may have been mostly unprepared the first time, Vox Machina entered the stronghold of Utugash, Herald of Vassalage, with ample preparation. Unfortunately, it would seem that despite his lazy demeanor, Utugash was also prepared.

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Monster Analysis: Cambions, Succubi, Imps, and Lemures

Monster Analysis: Cambions, Succubi, Imps, and Lemures

Thanks to @IoanaMuresanArt for this art piece!


  • First Appearance: 91 Vox Machina Go To Hell
  • Encounter Appearance: 92 Deals in the Dark
  • Armor Class 19 (scale mail and charisma)
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 14
  • Speed 30 ft, 60 ft flying
  • Resistant to cold, fire, lightning, poison, and nonmagical weapon damage
  • Suggested average, max HP: 82, 121
  • 122 damage taken, 23 finishing blow by Grog

Cambions are the fiendish offspring of succubi or incubi and a mortal, usually a human. Unlike their shapechanging and gender-fluid fiendish parents, cambions cannot hide their red horns, leathery wings, and wiry tail that betray their heritage. However, they do inherent a fair amount of their charisma. While succubi tend to rely entirely on charm, cambions can be just as charming as they can be intimidating. This charisma is particularly useful for devilish cambions who return to the Hells, as their societal standing is not determined by type, but by their cunning words and ability to organize lesser devils under their command.

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Puns of Episode 92: Deals in the Dark

We'd love to see art of Keyleth scurrying around the City of Dis as Bugness Everdeen.

  • (0:17:37) Travis: You got dis in the City of Dis! Marisha: You got dis!  Taliesin: You got dis.
  • (0:29:45) Taryon: Why don’t we keep [the ring] handy, no pun intended...  Grog: How is that a pun? Percy: I was actually thinking the same thing; I don’t understand how that works.  Taryon: It’s a ring. Handy. I’m very literate.  Grog: That’s a stretch.  Vax: I caught it, I’m sorry to say.
  • (0:30:20) Taryon: An important imp?  Grog: An imp imp?
  • (1:03:26) Marisha: F***ing hell.  Matt: Literally.
  • (2:04:30) Marisha: Bugness Everdeen!
  • (3:00:23) Sam: I’ll pull out my rod, grip it hard.  Travis: Choke down on it?  Sam: Choke down on it. Maybe grip it with my left hand so it feels different.
  • (3:13:38) Sam: Double bear action!  Taliesin: Don’t Google that.  Sam: Bear-on-bear action.  Taliesin: Really don’t Google that.  Sam: Two bears wrestling with each other. A hot mess of devil sex!  Taliesin: Google that.

Media References of Episode 92: Deals in the Dark

If you're interested in the Signal Boost screensaver, based on the old flying toasters one, you can find it on Geek & Sundry's website!

  • (0:02:48) Sam: ...and the Oprah Winfrey rebellion of 2020…
  • (0:03:13) Sam: ...and all other Fortune 500 companies: Apple, Kroger, the evil warmongers of Johnson & Johnson
  • (0:07:02) Marisha: We also released a free screensaver that you can download that’s based on the old flying toasters. Matt: The After Dark, yeah.
  • (0:33:44) Travis: Does it fit on me giant, Oscar Mayer fingers?
  • (0:33:59) Matt: It’s like you went to Claire’s!
  • (0:36:30) Sam: We’re about to say yes to the dress and go and follow this plan.  Laura: It was the one?
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Puns of Episode 91: Vox Machina Go to Hell

(0:36:29) Taliesin: They’ll like that. Apparently, puns are very big down there. It is Hell.

  • (0:05:40) Marisha: We did a Hamilton workout yesterday. Oh man, it was so cool.  Matt: Yeah, four sets of core-sets.
  • (0:23:36) Vex: Well, we know the city that we want to go to.  Keyleth: I can get us somewhere within the City of Dis.  Vex: Dis City?  Marisha: Built Dis City!
  • (0:36:20) Marisha: And this [rakshasa] tends to come in and out and make people’s lives a living hell. Oh! Hell! Because, we’re going!
  • (0:47:05) Taliesin: I speak Disco, not Infernal.
  • (0:48:36) Travis: Yep, you get to suck. (as a succubus with none of their spells or languages)
  • (1:13:54) Laura: Let’s build Dis City! 
  • (1:14:06) Laura: *singing* Let’s go to Dis City!  Marisha and Laura: We built Dis City on rock…!
  • (1:45:27) Percy: Dis would be second. Liam: Dis is two. What level Dis?
  • (1:45:52) Grog: I am the Grand Poobah Da Doink of all Dis and Dat, so.  Laura: That’s true!  Marisha: Yeah, Dis is in your title!
  • (2:52:24) Percy: There’s certainly spirits in it. Soul and spirits!
  • (2:56:02) Liam: Ho-dis. (New phone, who dis?)
  • (3:13:26) Vax: … instead of, on a lark-in, sending down the brute to talk?
  • (3:55:03) Marisha: F***ing hell. Taliesin: F***ing Hell is right.

Media References of Episode 91: Vox Machina Go to Hell

Fun Fact: This was the second time "Disco Inferno" has been referenced on Critical Role. The first was Scanlan's Healing Word to Gern Blanston in Episode 46 (2:00:03).

  • (0:05:40) Marisha: We did a Hamilton workout yesterday. Oh man, it was so cool.  Matt: Yeah, four sets of core-sets. [...] Marisha: I rise-d up when doing squats. (“My Shot” from Hamilton) NSFW
  • (0:06:13) Matt: *singing* I’m so excited! (“I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters)
  • (0:06:15) Matt: I’m so excited… I’m so...scared! (Saved by the Bell)
  • (0:23:36) Vex: Well, we know the city that we want to go to.  Keyleth: I can get us somewhere within the City of Dis.  Vex: Dis City?  Marisha: Built Dis City! (“We Built This City” Jefferson Starship)
  • (0:30:39) Travis: Instead of moving in our Truffle Shuffle formation. (Goonies)
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