Welcome (Back) to CritRoleStats!

Welcome (Back) to CritRoleStats!

Huge thanks to @RobynAlyHope for this art piece!

Happy Campaign 2 of Critical Role! Whether you’re just hopping into Critical Role for the first time or you’ve been watching since Episode 1, we’d like to offer a warm welcome to the site, and give a little tour du CritRoleStats so you know where to find information.

What do you do?

We track lots of information and numbers about Critical Role! We do this through our site, critrolestats.com, and through Twitter, where we livetweet episodes of Critical Role and Talks Machina.

Yes, but why?

Because we love Critical Role and we think it’s fun!

Who are you?

That’s a song by The Who. Also, we’re four critters with real lives and jobs who devote a lot of time to keeping track of all this. (Have we mentioned we have a Ko-Fi to help keep the site running?)

Where can I find the information I’m seeking?

Read on to find out!

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Triple the Damage

How many times has a character dealt triple digits of damage on their turn?

This was asked about three months ago. Now that the campaign has come to a close and Vox Machina has dealt their last bit of damage, we're happy to provide the full list. Some notes before we get to the answer:

  • This is going back to our damage tables rules. Where, in the Vox Machina vs. articles, we had previously only counted single-target damage, these numbers account for the amount of damage an area of effect attack may have a multiple of enemies affected.
  • For Pike’s Channel Divinity in episode 32, we are going off of the HP for the MM skeleton.
  • For the fire elementals in episode 46, we are going based off the damage that was decided in-game for Tidal Wave.
  • For the ankhegs in episode 99, we are going off of the HP for the MM ankheg
  • For Pike’s Channel Divinity in episode 100, we are basing the skeletons’ HP (25) off of Lionel’s one-shot of a skeleton at 25 HP, but requiring more than 20 on another.
  • For the undead in episode 113, we are going off of the HP for the MM Zombie.
  • For the skeletons in episode 114, we are basing it off of their stated HP (13) during the episode.

Now that that’s out of the way, to the numbers:

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Vox Machina Wrap-Up Stats

For those of you who watched the wrap up with us tonight, here's the list of stats we sent in for the show!

Rolls and Damage

  • Total rolls for the campaign: 10819
  • Total Nat20s (including Doty's Matt crit): 548
  • Total Nat1s: 497
  • Most Nat20s: Vax (107), then Percy (104)
  • Most Nat1s: Vex (76), then Vax (61)
  • The party, together, has dealt a total of 50,074 damage.
  • Most Damage Taken: Grog, 5646
  • Most Damage Dealt: Grog, 10,038

Character Stats

  • Grog Rages: 86
  • Pike Healing: 3658 HP
  • Vex Arrows: 474
  • Percy Misfires: 36
  • DM Facepalms: 264
  • Keyleth Beast Shapes: 110 times (Most used: Earth Elemental, 15 times)
  • Scanlan Inspirations: 136
  • Vax One-shot Kills: 21
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