Media References and Puns of 2-40 Dubious Pursuits

Water and snakes. Why did it have to be water and snakes?

Media References

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What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Urukayxl

What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Urukayxl

Thanks to @karekareo for this art piece!

The Mighty Nein have had quite an adventure since landing in Urukayxl! Their first day was spent traveling, watching a lizardfolk/yuan-ti battle, and kamadans. Since waking up, they’ve traveled to the yuan-ti village, attempted to disguise their way through, killed several yuan-ti, conjured the image of a manticore, scaled a pyramid, gotten high on underground orchard fruit, batted sentient vines, and killed 13 heads-worth of hydra. That’s taken a lot out of them.

They have several options going forward, including going into the warden’s pool to try to find the first seal of Uk’otoa, finding their way out of the pyramid, and getting away from the Yuan-ti village with their lives.

As a reminder, these stats are based solely on what we tracked. If something is presented otherwise in-game, what happens in-game is canon. We always defer to the players.

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Monster Analysis: Wizard Chess and the Son of Aragorg

Monster Analysis: Wizard Chess and the Son of Aragorg

Thanks to @BlackSalander for this art piece!

Chess Pieces

  • Encounter Appearance: The Club of Misfits

  • King: 52 damage taken, 28 killing blow by Bunder

Son of Aragorg

  • Armor Class <16

  • 98 damage taken, 3 HDYWTDT by Claire


  • Spider 1: 51 damage taken, 28 killing blow by Rook

  • Spider 2: 41 damage taken, 13 killing blow by Andy

Spider Swarms

  • Swarm 1: 15 damage taken, 15 killing blow by Claire

  • Swarm 2: 29 damage taken, 29 killing blow by Bryan

  • Swarm 3: 17 damage taken, 17 killing blow by Andy

Wizard chess is similar to IRL chess: there are two sides, white and black; there are the same number of playing pieces on each side: 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen, and 1 king; and the basic rules are the same. However, wizard chess has some notable differences: wizard chess pieces are life-size, the player takes the role of one of the pieces, and when one piece invades the space of another, they actually battle and the losing piece leaves the board. Most notably is that if a piece tries to move to a space that is already occupied, even if the occupier isn’t officially part of the game, the move is considered illegal for that chess piece, and another piece must move instead.

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Monster Analysis: Doxies

Monster Analysis: Doxies

Thanks to @TriaElf9 for this art piece!

  • Armor Class: 14-16

  • Speed: 30 ft flying (approx)

    • Doxy 1: 14 damage taken, 14 killing blow by Andy

    • Doxy 2: 19 damage taken, 12 killing blow by Andy

    • Doxy 3: 13 damage taken, 13 killing blow by Andy

    • Doxy 4: 14 damage taken, 14 killing blow by Allison

    • Doxy 5: 14 damage taken, 14 killing blow by Allison

    • Doxy 6: 21 damage taken, 12 killing blow by Bunder

    • Doxy 7: 23 damage taken, 17 killing blow by Andy

    • Doxy 8: 16 damage taken, 16 killing blow by Bryan

    • Violet Fungus: 16 damage taken, 16 killing blow by Bryan

Doxies, often mistaken as fairies, are also known as Biting Fairies. They are covered in black fur, and can come across very sweet and docile when they are contained. Once free, though, their true nature as troublesome pests quickly comes to light.

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Talks Machina Episode 88 Highlights: Laura's One-Shot

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, and a particularly adorable special guest.

  • Announcements: 

    • BtS featuring Matt Mercer is now available on the Twitch channel and will be up on CR’s YouTube live tomorrow.

    • There will be a holiday edition of BtS featuring Ashley Johnson! Brian: “I can’t wait. I’ve got a lot of questions for her.”

    • The next episode of All Work No Play airs this Friday on the CR Twitch. This week, Liam and Sam learn how to spin fire, with guest star Marisha Ray.

    • Remember that Daylight Savings hits the US this week: check if you’re confused! (…about time zones. They probably can’t help you with other things.)

  • Stats for this week’s episode: 

    • Andy dealt the most damage (158) and took the most damage (56). Andy also had the most kills with 6.

    • There were at least 36 unique references to the Schmarry Schmotter series.

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Welcome, Eponymous Rose!

As a few observant critters probably noticed, our numbers here at CritRoleStats recently increased to five. If you've been archive surfing the site, you may have also noticed a few new articles scattered among the rest.

Tonight, we are so excited to give a proper welcome to Eponymous Rose as the new official member of the CritRoleStats team! In conjunction with helping us with all things Critical Role and Stats, we'll be featuring her weekly highlights of Talks Machina on the site each week after the episode.

Hailed by fans and critics alike as "literally the best," we are excited to have her expertise on the team! Welcome, Rose!

Monster Analysis: Assassin Vines

Thanks to @danlimlim for this art piece!

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-39 Temple of the False Serpent

  • Armor Class 13

  • Blindsight 30 ft, Passive 10

  • Speed 5 ft, 5 ft Climbing

  • Resistant to fire and cold damage

  • Immune to blinded, deafened, exhaustion, prone

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 85, 130

    • Vine 1: 111 damage taken, 5 HDYWTDT by Fjord

    • Vine 2: 63 damage taken, 5 HDYWTDT by Jester

The fountain feeds the garden.

After defeating the Zehir acolytes, The Mighty Nein puzzled their way below the temple fountain into the underground tree grove. Fed a steady diet of sacrificial blood, these trees produce a fruit that primarily feeds the guardian of one of the locked seals of Uk’otoa, and secondarily acts as a hallucinogen for humanoids (and possibly yuan-ti). In rooms off of the grove were hatcheries for unknown reptiles, and the path to the warden. Naturally, the room was not without protection against intruders, as Nott discovered when she disturbed the sentient vines hiding among the other garden floor greenery.

The garden feeds the warden.

Though simple beings, these vines could do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Their initial strangle attack damaged, grappled, and restrained its target. After a successful strangle, the vine employed its thorns, which dealt an alarming amount of poison damage both on its turn and on the turn of its prey. Poor Nott got to experience all of the vine’s attacks, falling unconscious after taking more poison damage at the top of her turn. Fjord managed to be strangled by the other vine, but was saved from taking any further damage by enlarged-Jester’s Sacred Flame.

For more information on Assassin Vines, check out their entry in Appendix D of Tomb of Annihilation.

Monster Analysis: Yuan-ti Cultists

Monster Analysis: Yuan-ti Cultists

Thanks to @LyallCallum for this art piece!

Yuan-ti are humanoids and monstrosities that are varying degrees of human-snake hybrids. These serpentine characteristics are seeing as blessings from the Cloaked Serpent (Zehir), one of the Betrayer Gods. Therefore, the more snake traits one has, the higher ranking the yuan-ti is considered. Before arriving at the temple, the Nein saw a variety of yuan-ti: purebloods with minimal snake-features, malisons with humanoid bodies and snake heads, and abominations that resemble massive snakes with arms. The ancestors of the yuan-ti living on Urukaxl were responsible for overtaking the temple to Zehir’s greatest creation, the leviathan Uk’otoa. They helped seal him away, and redecorated the temple with iconography of Zehir.

When The Mighty Nein arrived at the top of the temple, they discovered a table designed for sacrifice. We can’t know if that was part of the original design of the temple or that was a yuan-ti addition, but the yuan-ti have certainly put it to use. Once inside the temple, the Nein realized that the blood from the sacrifices dripped down into a fountain. They didn’t get much further than that before Nott triggered a staircase trap, causing them to fall unceremoniously into the first chamber to the feet of four yuan-ti: three pureblood priestesses and one malison, a mind whisperer.

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Talks Machina Episode 87 Highlights: 2-39

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Liam O’Brien and Taliesin Jaffe! Also ft. Peak Dani (who has had it with these motherf***ing snakes on this mother***king show) and Marisha Ray Everywhere.

  • Announcements:

    • Marisha’s BtS episode has aired and is now available online on CR’s YouTube. Taliesin: “It’s not ridiculous to say she’s one of the best people I know.”

    • Matt’s BtS aired yesterday. Brian: “I’ve done twenty-some hours of interviews, and this is the one that broke me.” Liam: “Yeah, he’s super shallow, right?”

    • There will be a bonus holiday episode of BtS featuring Ashley Johnson.

    • The Halloween episode of All Work No Play aired last week! Liam: “The most handsome Sam’s ever been.”

    • Laura’s one-shot was pre-taped and aired on Thursday (now available on G&S’s YouTube). Brian, on trying to maintain a British accent for his character: “It’s a nightmare. I apologize to all the Critters. I’m going to get Peaky Blindered.” It’s truly a thing of beauty.

  • Stats for this week’s episode:

    • Matt surpassed 15 nat 20s and 20 nat 1s for the campaign in this episode.

    • The M9 got their 150th kill: the yuan-ti abomination killed by Nott.

    • This episode was the first time a character dealt more than 150 damage in an episode, with Fjord dealing 158. However, he only dealt the second-highest: Yasha dealt 301!

    • By the end of the fight, the Warden had grown an additional 8 heads and had taken a total of 428 points of damage.

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