Media References and Puns of 2-44 The Diver's Grave

The adventure begins, they were always beside you
Your nerdy best friends and the DM to guide you
And they rise from flames for the battles ahead
Villains beware, 'cause you're about to be dead!

They got magic and flair, they got falchions and cunning
They don't see over there: there's a monster incoming
Inspiration is waiting, rise up, don't think twice
Put your fate in your hands. Take a chance, roll the dice!

Can you answer the call? Dig in deep in your soul
As the legend unfolds, now it's your turn to roll!

Media References

0:01:12) Travis: *intones Jurassic Park theme*

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Monster Analysis: Avantika and the Squalleater Crew

Monster Analysis: Avantika and the Squalleater Crew

Thanks to @Janibitz for this art piece!

Much like the Nein’s previous experience with dockside diplomacy, this encounter ended with a conversation, followed swiftly by them setting sail to escape the hand of the present law. The trick this time was surviving long enough to get to the conversation in the first place… And then surviving the trial.

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Media References and Puns of 2-43 In Hot Water

Out of the frying pan, into the deep blue sea.

Media References

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Quick Answers 68

It’s been a busy number of months here at CritRoleStats, and a while since we’ve answered your questions. Apologies to those who have been waiting a while for a response, but, here you go! Answers updated as of 2-42.

How many days has Yasha been with the party?

Out of 106 total days the party has been together, Yasha has been present for 49 of them.

How many days has Caduceus been with the party, compared to Mollymauk?

Molly joined the party for 39 days (26 episodes). Caduceus has joined the party for 66 days (15 episodes).

What service does Sam use for his t-shirts?

Sam uses two apps: YoShirt and RageOn. Thanks to Emmy-award winning Sam Riegel for the reply!

I was wondering if you guys could keep track of the things Caduceus has decomposed so far.

If you’re interested in Cad’s spellcasting, check out our Spells Cast chart! It lists a timestamp for each spell so you can go to the episode and look. You can do a CTRL+F search for Decompose.

  • (Ep2-28, 3:34:54) Iron Nest Guard

  • (Ep2-30, 2:42:38) Molly

  • (Ep2-32, 3:18:06) Ettin

  • (Ep2-35, 0:37:25) Algar’s hand

  • (Ep2-36, 3:43:04) Harpies

  • (Ep2-38, 0:26:26) Dead snakes

  • (Ep2-38, 1:48:06) Kamadan 1

  • (Ep2-38, 1:48:06) Kamadan 2

  • (Ep2-39, 0:47:55) Yuan-ti priestess

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Talks Machina Episode 91 Highlights: 2-42

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Marisha Ray and Laura Bailey (with special guest appearance from Ronin! Awwww), so I can hardly wait. We’re discussing Episode 42: A Hole in the Plan.

  • Announcements:

    • Brian is bursting with an announcement he’s not allowed to reveal for another six months. His favorite guess: something about him stealing all the money from the company and moving to an island, but that’s actually his long game, not the short one.

    • Throughout November, they’re raising money for Operation Supply Drop, Travis’s favorite charity, which supports both active and retired military.

    • No episode of Critical Role this week due to Thanksgiving. There will also be no episode of Talks Machina next Tuesday; instead, they’ll be airing Sam’s Fireside Chat! This was a reward from the Critter donations to the Pablove Foundation.

    • Critical Role hoodies are back in the store; the print is very similar to the original with a bit more embellishment on the text on the back.

    • “Honey Heist 3: Tova’s Honies” airs this Friday at 7pm Pacific! Marisha: “It was bear-nanas.” Laura: “Oh, no.”

  • Stats for this episode:

    • Jester has cast Blessing of the Trickster 31 times; 15 of those times were on Nott.

    • Jester technically won her bar brawl with Sorris! She dealt 16 points of damage to his 15.

    • Beau continues to have the most natural 20s with 49. She also has the most natural 1s, womp womp.

    • Marisha: “Well, I roll a lot, you know?” Brian: “Well, your husband is also a tyrant and not to be messed with.” Marisha says she thinks Gil’s die is cursed and everyone gasps. How dare.

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Media References and Puns of 2-42 A Hole in the Plan

Stop painting holes in my ship!

Media References

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Talks Machina Episode 90 Highlights

Talks Machina Episode 90 Highlights

Rose is out this week, so we’re handling the Talks Machina recap here!

Tonight’s guests are Liam and Taliesin, with special guest HOST, Dani Carr!


  • Final episode of this season of All Work No Play is this Friday. Sam and Liam are kicking back in a hot tub with guests from this past season.

  • Critical Role is raising money for Operation Supply Drop in November. Check out their fundraising campagin at

  • Second art book! Chronicles of Exandria Volume 2 is available at and

  • New hoodies! Well, new take on the same hoodie.

Stats for this week:

  • Caleb cast his 100th Alarm spell this episode. (To be clear, we count him as counting it every time they take a long rest, not just when he says it, since he’s confirmed Caleb casts it every night)

  • Caduceus has healed other people for 328 damage since he appeared in episode 28.

  • Caleb has the highest Nat20 rate (6.6%) for a current Mighty Nein member, but Molly had a rate of 7%.

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Media References and Puns of 2-41 A Pirate's Life for Me

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We pillage, we give gold, we rifle, and heal.... That's how pirates typically act, right? Oh, and give really cool tattoos.

Media References

  • (0:02:49) [tinny rendition of “Scotland the Brave”]

  • (0:26:36) Taliesin: (sings Pirates of the Caribbean theme)

  • (0:29:49) Taliesin: You’re still lording that rap battle over me.

  • (0:51:04) Matt: ...this intense, Joker-like grin.

  • (0:57:22) Matt: Not quite making the vase in Ghost.

  • (1:08:08) Taliesin: I am, by the way, human-looking right now. Smee.

  • (1:24:15) Travis: You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by. Travis and Marisha: Captain Tusktooth! (“Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson)

  • (1:29:35) Pop pop. (Community)

  • (1:35:14) Matt: Four points renegade, one point paragon. (Mass Effect)

  • (2:22:35) Liam: You thought it, too. Matt and Liam: Books and cats and books and cats. (Geico ad)

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Monster Analysis: Escape from Urukaxl

Monster Analysis: Escape from Urukaxl

Thanks to @CandaceAprilLee for this art piece!

With the breaking of the first seal of Uk’otoa, The Mighty Nein began their desperate escape from the temple as it rapidly flooded with sea water. Just as their initial path through the temple was fraught with challenges, so too was their expeditious retreat.

While we typically reserve this series to focus on creatures, their abilities, any lore surrounding them, and how the party interacted with them, the series of skill challenges followed certain rules that also provided an interesting set of encounters for the party to strategize against.

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