Monster Analysis: Dybbuk, Giant Snapping Turtle, and Chasme

Monster Analysis: Dybbuk, Giant Snapping Turtle, and Chasme

Thanks to @suraelis for this art piece!

The invasion of the chasmes and the babaus from the Abyss were a useful distraction for something a little more powerful to sneak into the stone giants’ fortress. Soorna hinted at the presence of something… else when she went back, but the Mighty Nein were still surprised by the sudden reanimation of one of the stone giant corpses last week. What followed turned into a game of whack-a-mole (or turtle), with the desecrated stone giant corpses as the moles… and the Nein flailing wildly with metaphorical mallets.

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Media References and Puns of 2-60 A Turtle By Any Other Name

Giant demonic snapping turtles are not to be confused with denizens of the Nine Shells.

Media References

  • (0:01:18) Sam: As you guys know, every Wednesday I go to the Film & TV Archives in Hollywood.

  • (0:01:40) Sam: ...they only saved it on Betamax tape.

  • (0:03:44) Matt: Ashley Johnson is Gail in Gail Force Five: A Gail in Your Coffin.

  • (0:40:20) Liam: When I was a kid, Terminator 2 and Gail Force Five informed my whole childhood.

  • (0:05:34) Matt: ...with our friend, Joel Hodgson.

  • (0:10:32) Matt: ...over in Rosohna [...] Laura: Rosohna, Rosohna (“Rosanna” by Toto)

  • (0:13:03) Taliesin: Same as it ever was. Ashley: Same as it ever was. (“Once In a Lifetime” by Talking Heads) Thanks to Adam for this one!

  • (0:18:47) Marisha: Wait. All: Wait. Wait. (Comic Con Inside Joke)

  • (0:22:07) Travis: Its vision is based on movement! (Jurassic Park)

  • (0:27:20) Travis: Let them fight. (Godzilla (2014))

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What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Possessed Stone Giant Edition

What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Possessed Stone Giant Edition

Thanks to @JDIllustrates for this art piece!

The Mighty Nein took out the more obvious demons Soorna told them about in the giant fortress with relative ease, but something else was lurking in the shadows. This week’s “What Does the Mighty Nein Have Left” is a little more optimistic than usual; Fjord’s in rough shape, but everyone else has nearly every tool at their disposal.

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Monster Analysis: Babaus, Chasme

Monster Analysis: Babaus, Chasme

Thanks to @SkidarStudios for this art piece!

The demonic threats encroaching on their home proved too much for the stone giants, who were forced to leave after a third of their already small clan were killed. With the Mighty Nein’s help, however, Soorna was in a much better position to reclaim her home as they dispatched the initial demonic assault force.

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Monster Analysis: Stone Giants (Icozrin Steelworks)

Monster Analysis: Stone Giants (Icozrin Steelworks)

Thanks to @HighScoreKid for this art piece!

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-59 Perspective

  • Armor Class ≦ 19 (suggested 17)

  • Speed 40 ft

  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 14

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 126, 187

    • Giant 1: 91 damage taken

    • Giant 2: 3 damage taken

    • Soorna: 46 damage taken, temporarily turned into an orca by Jester

Stone giants are typically of average intelligence, and are usually content to remain within the solitude of their clan provided they are left undisturbed. As such, it’s generally a little easier to negotiate with them than say, a hill giant or an ettin, who tend to be more aggressive and more interested in eating whatever crosses their path than talking. That said, a stone giant will defend their land with as much cunning and tenacity they can muster, making the rare instances they make a grab for territory more than a minor nuisance for those affected.

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Media References and Puns of 2-59 Perspective

I mean, I know they say to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, but… Stone giant feet are just SO BIG.

Media References

  • (0:01:32) In the not-too-distant future/Every Thursday AD/There was an app called Beyond/And it started with D&D/It lets you roll stats and compute/Whether you’re a mage or a big strong brute/A perfect little warlock with an invisible mace/Or a tiny little gnome with a super handsome face/I sing you cheesy music/The worst of mankind/You have to sit and hear my songs while I eradicate your mind/Now keep in mind, I’m gonna be the president and that’s no gloat/And Liam has no chance at all because everyone is gonna vote/Let’s hear your predictions![...] Okay, that didn’t go how I thought it would/But I am undeterred/I’ve got the support of D&D Beyond and a million other nerds./Vote Sam Riegel for President 2019. (MST3K Theme Song)

  • (0:05:11) Matt: If you don’t mind joining me on stage, Joel Hodgson, everybody.

  • (0:29:10) Laura: Do you trust me? Travis, singing: I can open your eyes… (“A Whole New World” from Aladdin)

  • (0:36:28) Matt: So you straight up Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku these guys. (Street Fighter)

  • (0:41:19) Travis: And all they hear is “Blah blah blah.” Liam: (Charlie Brown’s teacher noises from Peanuts)

  • (0:58:01) Liam: Super duper! (Young Frankenstein)

  • (1:08:40) Sam and Laura: Say a big fish. Taliesin: That Reel Big Fish.

  • (1:29:26) Liam: *singing* What time is it?  Matt and Marisha: Showtime! (“Aaron Burr, Sir” from Hamilton)

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Media References and Puns of 2-58 Wood and Steel

With apologies to Jeff Goldblum.

Media References

  • (0:00:19) Ashley: It’s a wild Ashley at the table! (Pokémon)

  • (0:03:50) Ashley: What is this, 1956? What, do you go home and watch Mad Men at night and pretend that’s how the world still is?

  • (0:04:24) Ashley: Are the people supposed to rally behind a guy who looks like a donkey wearing a Jeff Goldblum mask?

  • (0:05:40) Marisha: So that roast of Sam Riegel will be on Comedy Central

  • (0:07:51) Taliesin: Seven days… [...] Travis: I kinda wanted to keep it on the Kickstarter, can we not make it about The Ring?

  • (0:08:51) Matt: … I stop and close my eyes and reminisce about the times at Halloween Horror Nights that we let Travis go first.

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What We Know About the Luxon and Xhorhas (Updated!)

What We Know About the Luxon and Xhorhas (Updated!)

Thanks to @my2k for this art piece!

We’ve heard from a number of you that you appreciate our posts breaking down what we know about the various lore drops on Critical Role, and boy howdy did we get one in the most recent episode! Ahead, we’ll detail the new information The Mighty Nein gained through their experiences in Rosohna.


We learned a lot about the Dynasty’s favorite deity from Empress Leylas Kryn, Skysybil Abrianna Mirimm, and Shadowhand Essek Thelyss in episode 2-57. (Yes, we’ve confirmed all those spellings with Matt.)

The Luxon is responsible for creating the elements that became life on Exandria, scattering itself to bring fire and life to a cold and lonely rock of a planet.

  • The Luxon’s body is held within the Beacons, of which the Dynasty has discovered four.

  • Selected followers of the Luxon go through cycles of rebirth so they can live enough lives to learn the true meaning of why they are on Exandria and to bring the fragments of the Luxon’s puzzle to it when it is reborn, to give it purpose.

  • The Luxon is also the source of a very potent magical force and the beacon is one of many funnels of dunamis power.

  • The followers of the Luxon have periods of worship where they “give [them]selves to the sunlight as part of [their] means of showing [their] faith.”

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Level 9 Update: NEIN

Level 9 Update: NEIN

Thanks to @johannamation for this art piece, and thanks to @Anodesu for the character portraits!

Welcome to level 9, Mighty Nein! At level 9, all characters receive an improvement to their proficiency bonus (now at +4), so all attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws that a character is proficient (or expert) in get a bump. Everyone’s spell save/monk ability DCs also go up. Most of the spellcasters now also have access to 5th level spells, and a certain monk can now parkour a little more easily.

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Media References and Puns of 2-57 In Love and War

Ask not what the Kryn Dynasty can do for you... Wait, no, totally ask what they can do for you, we've got a full list of demands.

Media References

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What We Know About the Xhorhas Situation

What We Know About the Xhorhas Situation

Thanks to @Pandanimaniac for this art piece!

To say the situation at the end of Episode 2-56 is complicated would be a vast understatement. Ahead, we break down everything you need to know to understand what’s going on as The Mighty Nein give their mighty gift to Empress Leylas Kryn. We also have several previous posts with relevant information (and linked quote compendiums) you may want to check out as well:

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Quick Answers 72

So… It’s been a month an a half since the last one of these. You’ve got questions, all right. Updated to 2-56.

Assorted Questions

Are you planning on getting the Search for Grog character sheets of the characters that Travis and Liam played?

To be clear, we don’t “get” the sheets from the players; we reconstruct the sheets based on what we’ve been able to ascertain from what goes in on the games and on Twitter (Thanks Liam!). And yes, we have compiled and posted the sheets!

Does CRS keep track of anything that would help identify at a glance what episodes [may contain content less appropriate for younger viewers who may want to watch]?
Would you ever consider tracking triggering topics (spiders, hanging, child death, discussion of abuse etc) so critters who are affected by such things can be forewarned before they watch the vod?

Does The Dog Die is a crowd-sourced website that does the very thing you’re looking for! Critical Role is already up there, but it looks like the page would benefit from some episode specificity. Any interested critters should check it out and consider updating!

Can you calculate how much damage Jester’s weasel has taken and how many times it survived literal death?

In theory, as of episode 2-56, Sprinkle has avoided:

  • 143 damage

    • 59 fire damage

    • 52 lightning damage

    • 32 poison damage

  • 7 overkills from damage

  • 2 drownings

In practice, Sprinkle has avoided all damage Jester has taken by curling up on the back of her neck in her cloak and dodging during battle.

Do you have a list of all the Beauregard puns?

We post a list of each episode’s media references and puns each week. That said:

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