Media References and Puns for Episode 111: Shadows of Thomara

How about we flip for it?
Heads: Bigby's Hand.
Tails: Wrecking Sphere (of Annihilation).

Media References:

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Stats 20k Giveaway!

After over two years of running stats on a game played by a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors, it has come to this: there are over 20,000 of you following us on Twitter. We are QUITE humbled, and equally pleased to be enabled in our nerdery. To celebrate, we think it's time to do a BIG giveaway.


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Episode 111 Preview: Where's Vox Machina Now?

Episode 111 Preview: Where's Vox Machina Now?

Thanks to Mark Vinson (@markavinson) for this art piece!

It’s been two weeks since we left Vox Machina, who were traversing the ancient, cursed city of Thomara through the veins of the even more ancient undead titan carrying the even more cursed (possibly as ancient) city of Thar Amphala (with Vecna and his followers) toward Vasselheim.

Time Passed

Approximate time spent traversing this much of the titan (how long J’mon Sa Ord and the wyvern riders of Vasselheim have been providing a distraction against Thar Amphala’s forces): 2.5 hours.

  • (10 mins) Kiki used Control Water against the flooded stream
  • (7 mins) Party members were buried in a rock slide, "5 or so” minutes taken to unbury them.
  • (3 mins) The party fights against earth elementals. Upon victory, they gauge how long each footfall takes, and take note of the structures crumbling within.
  • (30 mins) The party takes a short rest to let Grog read the dwarven scripts to the sarcophogus.
  • (5 mins) Vax plays with the empty poison chests before picking the lock to the sarcophogus.
  • (1 min) The party deals with the wave of petrifying gas, kills the dwarven king, loot his grave, and get back out of the room.
  • (30 mins) The party continues as Percy attunes to the looted belt. Vax kills a nothic.
  • (30 mins) Grog sees that Percy’s belt is good and attunes to the hammer.
  • (3 mins) The party engages trolls before looting what little remains of the vault.
  • (30 mins) Grog reattunes to the Bloodaxe.

We pick up within the vaults of Thomara, immediately following a short rest.

Titan Speed

We’ve been told that the titan’s footprints were between 350-400 feet apart, and 150-200 ft wide. Using these numbers, we’ll estimate an average step length of 500 feet.
Using estimates from while the party was within the titan and gauging that there were no steps during battles, we estimate that there was approximately 20 seconds between each foot fall.
Using the above estimate of 2.5 hours spent inside the titan, this brings us to 450 steps taken over the course of the dungeon crawl thus far.
500 ft stride * 450 steps = 225k ft, or 42.61 miles.

This also places the titan’s current speed at 17.045 miles per hour.

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Quick Answers 57

Lots of questions this time around! (All asked around the same time.)

What’s the fastest Vax can possibly get?

When hasted and flying, Vax gets 3 Dash actions (action, hasted action, bonus action because rogue) on top of his normal movement at 120 ft/round, so a total of 480 ft/round. That’s about 55 mph (88 km/hr).

What’s the most damaging attack Vox Machina’s dealt/taken?

Taking multiple targets into account:

  • Keyleth dealt 660 damage to the skeleton army marching on Whitestone with Ice Storm. (Ep 32)

  • Raishan dealt 788 damage to Vox Machina, Kerrek, Allura, and Kima with Meteor Storm (minus Vax’ildan, who evaded). (Ep 83)

    • Dealt 552 damage to Vox Machina alone.

For a single target:

  • Vax dealt 109 damage to the mummy king with Whisper, Divine Smite, and Assassinate. (Ep 110)

  • Raishan dealt 118 damage each to Scanlan and Kerrek with Meteor Swarm. (Ep 83, part of the above 788 damage).

    • Note that this ignores Keyleth’s cliff-diving incident, since that wasn’t technically an attack. It also ignores any insta-death effects, since no damage was rolled.

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Transcript Update 09/07/2017

If you haven’t heard, there will be no new Critical Role tonight (feel better, Matt!). Geek & Sundry will be airing episode 110, so if you haven’t watched it yet, here’s your chance (other than catching it on their website). All caught up? Feel like rewatching an old episode? Help CR Transcript get all of Critical Role captioned! (Everything that helps them helps us, as well!) 

If you are all caught up, head on over to the transcript documents for Episodes 110 and 110.5 (Sam’s Bar Room Blitz one shot). If you’re not caught up, claim and transcribe a block from one of the previous episodes. Be sure to read the directions first!

If you previously claimed a block, and haven’t gone back to transcribe it in a while, now’s a great chance to get that transcription done. If you claimed a block and have discovered that you no longer have the time to transcribe it, be sure to take your name off the chart so another critter can claim it.

Total Sections Unclaimed: 111

Bar Room Blitz Master Post

Bar Room Blitz Master Post

Thanks to @WendyDoodles for this art piece!

A starstruck sun elf, an angry tabaxi, the girl from The Ring, the D&D equivalent of My Chemical Romance, and some dwarves walk into a bar... hilarity ensues. Also Greep.

Damage dealt to others by the group: 126
Damage dealt to each other: 92
Time required to solve lock puzzle: 0:13:58


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Media References and Puns of Bar Room Blitz

Oh it's been getting so hard
DMing for the first time on live TV
This game is getting so strange
I'd like you to strip to avoid lost ability

Oh, I see an elf who's got jack and craves old lady back
He's second to a dwarf who's well-hung
And the girl in the corner worships the god of disorder
And she has plans to kill everyone

Oh yeah! Bar was igniting!
Everybody was fighting
Kingston’s music was vicious
And Jayne’s whip was suspicious
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

And the cat in the back said everyone attack
And it turned into a bar room blitz
And the wild magic sorcerer said girl I'm gonna burn you
It'll turn into a bar room blitz!
Bar room blitz, bar room blitz, bar room blitz, bar room blitz...

Media References

  • (Title) Bar Room Blitz (“Ballroom Blitz” by The Sweet)
  • (0:00:58) Eric: I just got off of my Uber shift.
  • (0:04:34) Sam: Eric, anything to plug?  Eric: Ducktales!
  • (0:05:11) Ashly: OK K.O.!, which Mary’s also on, is out now on Cartoon Network!
  • (0:24:50) Gryffin: Your book of poetry, Blackened White, was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever read in my entire life.
  • (0:40:28) Mary: *sings to the tune of "With Catlike Tread" from Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan*
  • (0:40:37) Liam: It’s like in Assassin’s Creed.
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Monster Analysis: Zombie Trolls

Monster Analysis: Zombie Trolls
  • First Appearance: 110 The Climb Within
  • Armor Class 16 or 17
  • Speed 30 ft
  • Darkvision 60 ft
  • Immune to poison damage and poisoned status
  • Undead Fortitude (Zombie trait)
  • Regeneration (Troll trait)
  • Troll 1: 244 total damage taken, 40 finishing blow (fire) by Scanlan
    • 142 damage before knocked unconscious
  • Troll 2: 193 total damage taken, 40 finishing blow (fire) by Scanlan
    • 153 damage before knocked unconscious
  • Troll 3: 81 damage taken, 12 HDYWTDT (radiant) by Pike

After dealing with collapsing veins, guerilla elementals, a trapped tomb of a mummified king, and twisted one-eyed magical creatures, Vox Machina found themselves in the ancient (and empty) vaults of Thomara. Further inspection revealed that there was trivially little treasure left to claim, and a small crew of decidedly not small zombie trolls waiting for them, their violent necromantic energy mingling with their twisted and equally violent nature in past life.

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Monster Analysis: Thomara Earth Elementals

  • First Appearance: 110 The Climb Within
  • Armor Class 17
  • Speed 30 ft, 30 ft burrowing
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Tremorsense 60 ft
  • Resistant to nonmagical physical damage
  • Immune to poison damage
  • Immune to exhaustion, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, unconscious
  • VULNERABLE to thunder damage
  • Suggested/Estimated average HP: 126
    • Elemental 1: 131 damage taken, 19 HDYWTDT by Pike
    • Elemental 2: 106+ damage taken, Unknown killing blow by Percy
    • Elemental 3: 131 damage taken, 27 killing blow by Vex’ahlia
    • Elemental 4: 161 damage taken, 38 killing blow by Grog
    • Elemental 5: 127 damage taken, 25 killing blow by Vex’ahlia

With but a brief dwarven warning sign into the lost dwarven city of Thomara, Vox Machina wandered into the lair of the primordial titan’s earth elementals. In combat, standard earth elementals are really good at one thing: smashing. While these dead-eyed (but not undead) creatures share a lot of stats with their Monster Manual siblings, they were a little more creative in their ambush and attacks thanks to a couple extra abilities.

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Media References and Puns for Episode 110: The Climb Within

After what he put Liam through, Hellboy had better be Sam's favorite comic book. We'll also take this as an opportunity to remind you that this week's Critical Role is a one-shot run by Sam!


  • (2:29:12) Sam: You will win Matthew Mercer’s wood tonight.

Media References

  • (0:02:27) Matt: ...absorbs us like the end of Akira.
  • (0:05:19) Matt: Gygax would be proud.
  • (0:06:15) Sam: We’re going to be talking about my favorite comic book, Hellboy.
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Transcript Update 3

It’s been about a week since our last count of transcription blocks, and boy did you all make a dent in the backlog! We’ve seen so many critters trying their hand at transcribing for the first time and having a great experience. If you haven’t given it a try yet, go for it this week! If you are a critter who is caught up to episode 109, claim a five-minute block there before going to the backlog. If you’re not, grab one of the backlog blocks.

Total Sections Unclaimed: 237

In addition to CRT’s directions document that’s linked at the top of every transcription doc, here are some of our tips for making transcribing fun and easy:

  1. Pick a section you enjoy, or have been wanting to rewatch!
  2. Use the YouTube link at the top of the episode’s document.
  3. Using the gear icon on the video, turn the speed down to 0.5x.
  4. Use player’s names (not character names) in all caps when they start talking.
  5. You’re only transcribing spoken words, so don’t worry about writing down any motions or looks.
  6. The only times you use “quotation marks” are when Matt speaks as an NPC or someone quotes someone else.
  7. Don’t agonize over trying to type every um, uh, kind of, or stutter. Those will get cut anyway!
  8. Only transcribe the main conversation, not side chatter. Trying to transcribe crosstalk takes forever!
  9. Need to provide emphasis? Use *asterisks* rather than ALL CAPS or italics.
  10. Have a sound effect? Use something like (lightning crash) rather than (ffsshh) or (crashing noise).
  11. Can’t hear a word/phrase? Use [JENGA 0:00:00] (with the right timestamp) in the doc and an editor will clear it.
  12. CRT-specific spelling preferences: All right, okay, because, going to, got to, want to. One-ten, 11+
  13. Use a double-dash-- for when someone trails off or gets interrupted instead of dots of ellipses…
  14. All done? Go back and relisten to your section at regular speed, fix any spelling/grammar mistakes.
  15. Mark your section as complete. Smile, knowing that you just helped make Critical Role accessible to even more Critters!