Media References and Puns of Episode 56: Hope


  • (0:28:20) Sam: I put some semen in it! [...] Travis: Yeah, literally, some sailors that are at sea.
  • (1:05:09) Laura: That’s disgusting.  Taliesin: Don’t you mean that’s fowl?
  • (2:31:18) (After filling the jug with salt water and then asking if he should wake up the residents by pouring it on their heads) Grog: I’m feeling a bit salty this morning.
  • (3:16:20) Taliesin: You should name the sword...Number Two.
  • (3:30:18) Percy: I have a small package and letter that I want to deliver to Kare before we leave [...] Sam: A Kare package?

Media References

  • (0:17:20) Liam: DuckTales!  A-woooo-ooo!
  • (0:32:37) Liam: This is like a Grognak comic book in Fallout is what this is. (Fallout 4)
  • (0:32:40) Marisha: I was going to say How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  • (0:55:29) Matt: He’s just gone Donald Duck, guys!
  •  (1:08:35) Matt: Saddest Winnie the Pooh ever.
  • (1:08:50) Sam: You temporarily turn into Caspar the Friendly Ghost.
  • (1:11:41) Liam: 99 Red balloons!
  • (1:12:20) Matt: Would you want to maintain your little, creeping Reed Richards going on the sides there?
  • (1:14:04) Keyleth: Who wrote that, Scanlan?  Scanlan: Lao Tzu!
  • (1:17:00) Sam: Wolverine!
  • (1:21:39) Travis: C’mon, it blew your hair back a little bit.  Magnavox: eeeee!
  • (1:26:16) Laura: I bent my paper.  Liam: (looking at Taliesin) I bent my woobie!
  • (1:30:15) Kerrek: My name is Kare.  Laura: Is that like Care Bear?