Quick Answers 58

Is there a schedule for Quick Answers?

At this time, no. With the conclusion of the VM campaign, we’ve been pretty occupied wrapping up stats, preparing some new stuff, and making way for the new party. We do have quite a backlog of questions, and we plan on getting to as many as we can when we’re able!

Is there a list anywhere of every form Keyleth has taken?

We keep all of Vox Machina’s transformations, including Beast Shapes, here!

Will Talks Machina change the name with the new campaign?

Nope. We have it on good authority the host is staying, too.

Is it possible to keep track of who takes over Brian's job each week in the Alpha 'After Dark' segment? Just so we can see who hasn't had the, uh, special honour yet.

It is, and we’re doing it! Check out the gray boxes on the Talks Machina Attendance Sheet to see who has had the “special honor.”

How many counterspells did Scanlan use in Ep114, compared against the entire campaign?

If we count Scanlan 2’s (and we will, since he’s a Scanlan), he cast it five times in Episode 114. Over on our VM Spells Cast chart, we track spells by how many times they’ve been cast total, number of times per member of Vox Machina or guest, and by episode. Prior to this episode, Scanlan cast Counterspell 14 times. His first time casting it was Episode 33 (p1. 1:49:13) against Professor Anders’ Dimension Door. There have been 23 total Counterspells cast thus far on Critical Role.

How many times has Vex been the target of Finger of Death?

Five times, suffering 264 Necrotic Damage!

  • Episode 25 (1:03:13) Delilah Briarwood, 66 Necrotic
  • Episode 34 (4:14:03) Delilah Briarwood, 75 Necrotic
  • Episode 100 (1:23:12) Glyph of Warding, 61 Necrotic
  • Episode 102 (2:45:47) Delilah Briarwood, 30 Necrotic
  • Episode 114 (4:06:30) Vecna, 32 Necrotic

Has there ever been a shorter guest appearance than that of Ep114, based on what happened?

Nope. At 28 minutes 37 seconds, easily the shortest guest appearance in an episode.

How many cloaks did Vax own at Peak Cloak?

Three: Cloak of Elvenkind, Cape of the Mountebank, and Cloak of Displacement.

Do you have a count for the most live viewers from Twitch?

Unfortunately, our eyes are usually glued to the episode, and analytic data is kept confidential. However, we did notice that there were over 35,000 live viewers on Twitch about five hours into episode 114.

What do you base your timestamps on?

The majority of the time, we use Youtube, as it’s easily accessible to just about everyone. For our Running Times, we use the original Twitch VOD, as it’s a good indicator of how long the airtime lasted for the live audience.

Do you know how many arrows Vex fired?

We've got the full list here. The rest of the formerly ongoing Vox Machina stats can be found here.

How many times has the sandkheg ale come up and been sampled, and when?

  • Keyleth and Percy (Ep65, 3:11:54)
  • Scanlan (Ep66, 2:50:47)
  • Jarett and Grog, Pike (2 shots!) (Ep69, 2:18:12, 2:24:51)
  • Kerrek, Allura (Ep81, 3:24:42, 3:28:10)

What episode is it that Taliesin shows off his raven impression and says "I've been paid money for my ability to emote as a bird"?

Ep49 (1:31:45) Taliesin: I’ve been paid good money for that. I can emote as a bird.

We found that using resources that are readily available! Here’s how we did it:

  1. Took a guess that it was early in the Frostweald/Westruun batch of episodes (48-52).
  2. Went to Critical Role Transcript and searched (CTRL+F) episodes 48 and 49 for “paid.”
    • Found that Taliesin said that in Episode 49.
    • Also saw that Vax rolled an Acrobatics check of 27 right before that
  3. Went to our All Rolls chart, found the Acrobatics check, which gave us a timestamp.
  4. Checked the video and got the precise timestamp!

I was wondering if you have or are considering adding an API to easily download the stats that have been logged? Or is it available in a database format of sorts?

At this time, we are keeping all of our stats in Google Docs or Sheets. APIs are little beyond our game plan currently.