Post-Thanksgiving Transcript Volunteers Needed

Are you looking to avoid more awkward family talk now that Thanksgiving is over? Did you go to PAX Unplugged and are looking for a way to feel that same sense of Critter love you felt while you were there? Are you experiencing withdrawals from not having an episode this week? Are you a Critter looking for a way to help the community out?

Head on over to Critical Role Transcript and help them get all of Critical Role transcribed and captioned! Right now, they need transcribers for the Once Upon a Fairytale Cruise episode. Additionally, since the amazing Critters got the entire Vox Machina backlog transcribed, CRT has begun work on getting other Critical Role related videos captioned. This week’s episode is the Q&A Battle Royale from February 2016 with Matt, Marisha, Travis, Mary, and Will.

Never transcribed before? Fear not! They have transcription instructions linked at the top of both documents. Want an example of what a transcribed section looks like? We’ve got you covered there, too! The first 30 minutes of the Once Upon a Fairytale Cruise episode are already transcribed and edited, so take a look! Two of us CRStatsers are also CRT editors, and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.