Grog's Bunions and Flagons Masterpost

Thanks to @JonHerzogArtist for this art piece!

Grog’s weaving the tales of bunions and fantasy this time around. ROLL FOR INITIATIVE, SUCKAS.

All the Monstahs!

Vox Machina’s characters fought a total of 11 different creatures over the course of the episode, more than in any regular episode or one-shot (technically the cast only fought the demogorgon on Liam’s nightmare beach, so we’ll exclude that one). We’ll go into more detail on all the creatures in a mega-monster analysis later today.

  1. Ghost

  2. Hell Hound

  3. Doppelganger

  4. Twig Blight

  5. Mimic

  6. Rug of Smothering

  7. T-Rex

  8. Illithid

  9. Unicorn

  10. Cambion

  11. Werewolf!Grog

Xylophone Players

Despite his initial 450 limit, Grog generously handed out a grand total of 1060 XP (thanks to Percy “helping” with the math):

  • (0:41:15) Scanlan gets 300 XP for moving the cask of ale.

  • (0:44:29) Vex gets 50 XP for her toast.

  • (1:29:23) Vex gets 50 XP for killing the hell hound.

  • (2:36:58) Percy gets 150 XP for a terrible pun.

  • (3:10:41) Vax gets 10 XP because Grog likes terrible puns.

  • (3:48:26) Percy gets 500 XP for guessing that Grog’s favorite color is six.

Grog Spelz Gud

Looks like those tutoring sessions with Cidric Gillsman are really paying off. (Art by @Arcade_Ave)


There was a total of 6 player natural 20s (including 2 by Trinket! #Trinketisuseful) and 9 natural 1s during Grog’s one-shot. Grog crit 5 times for his various monsters and himself.

Natural 20s: (203 Total PC Rolls, 6 Nat20s, so 2.96%)

  1. Trinket (Nat20, 1:17:33) Claw Attack against Hellhound 1

  2. Trinket (Nat20, ) Bite against Doppelganger

  3. Percy (Nat20, 2:22:38) Sword against Twig Blight

  4. Percy (Nat20, 2:22:39) Sword against Twig Blight

  5. Scanlan (Nat20, Nat20, 2:41:10) Strength Check with disadvantage

  6. Scanlan (Nat20, Nat20, 2:41:10) Strength Check with disadvantage

Natural 1s: (203 Total PC Rolls, 9 Nat1s, so 4.43%)

  1. Vax’ildan (19, Nat1, 1:06:20) Whisper with Luck against Ghost

  2. Percy (Nat1, 1:10:47) Strength Check

  3. Scanlan (Nat1, 1:37:34) Dexterity Save

  4. Vex’ahlia (Nat1, 1:37:35) Dexterity Save

  5. Scanlan (Nat1, 2:24:10) Investigation Check

  6. Vax’ildan (Nat1, Nat17, 2:31:37) Strength Check with Luck

  7. Scanlan (Nat1, 2:46:32) Initiative

  8. Vex’ahlia (Nat1, 3:15:38) Acrobatics Check

  9. Vex’ahlia (Nat1, 3:21:33) Athletics Check (disadvantage not rolled)

BM Crits:

  1. Doppelganger (Nat20, 1:48:00) Attack against Vex’ahlia

  2. Doppelganger (Nat1, 1:48:41) Attack against Vex’ahlia

  3. Illithid (Nat1, 2:51:00) Strength Check

  4. Cambion (Nat20, 3:10:59) against Vax’ildan

  5. Grog (Nat20, 3:34:12)

Special Damage Types

Grog got a little creative and introduced four new types of damage to the group (well, mostly Scanlan):

  1. (0:56:05) 13 F***ing Dart Damage to Scanlan when he stepped on the trap in the shaft

  2. (2:39:44) 5 Stupid Damage to Scanlan when he flew into the trapdoor as a dungbeetle

  3. (2:39:55) 2 Gnome Damage to Scanlan when he fell after being popped out of dungbeetle form

  4. (3:31:10) 8 Smash Your Face Damage to Percy when he fell trying to climb the Pepper Grinder Tower

It’s just Caverns and a Hallway… with a Tip

Grog’s dungeon design led to one of the longest pun lists that we can remember (and busted L’s innuendo detector by her second rewatch). The word “shaft” was used to describe that first hallway a total of 11 times.

  • (0:54:11) Scanlan: I’m gonna walk up the shaft. Percy: I’m gonna travel down the shaft. Vex: I’m going to follow them down the shaft. Scanlan: Maybe you left, me right? Percy: Yeah, that seems fair.

  • (0:54:22) Scanlan: I’ll be to the right of the shaft. He’s pants-left. Percy: Walking in tandem.

  • (0:54:25) Vax: Slowly move up the shaft. Scanlan: Well you don’t want to go too fast on the shaft.

  • (0:54:49) Scanlan: We’re just really gonna snug the edges of the shaft. Vax: Palm the sides as you go forward. Vex: Nice and easy. Scanlan: Yeah, really slow. Vax: Let’s ease into it everybody. Ease in.

  • (0:59:17) Vax: I will start looking for traps up the shaft. Grog: Nice. Be very very careful with the shaft.

  • (1:09:45) Vax: Let’s refocus on the shaft.

  • (1:13:58) Vax: I don’t want to go. It feels safe in the shaft. Scanlan: Just plunge right in.

Bunions and Dragons… Wait no, Dungeons and Flagons… No, Bunions and Flagons!

Vax never did quite nail down the name of the game. He came up with a total of 3 names over the course of the episode:

  1. (1:01:27) Vax: Dungeons and Flagons!

  2. (1:53:01) Vax: One attack? Well, that’s how Flungeons and Craggins works, so one more attack.

  3. (2:36:40) Vax: It’s up to you Grog, you are the Flungeons and Blagons Master.