Media References of Grog's Bunions and Flagons

Vax sure knows a lot of other TTRPGs for not knowing how to play Bunions and Flagons...


  • (0:51:58) Travis: Tonight’s episode is brought by our wonderful sponsor, Marvel Puzzle Quest!
  • (0:04:05) Travis: Some of you will be attending PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia.
  • (0:04:40) Travis: We will be in Australia, we will be at SupaNova.
  • (0:05:04) Liam: Next week, Marisha will be in your chair, running a game of Honey Heist.
  • (0:06:25) Taliesin: The Critical Role podcast got updated today. It now goes to 70.
  • (0:06:39) Taliesin: Some of us are going to be at BlizzCon tomorrow.
  • (0:07:00) Taliesin: Phil LaMarr’s coming on next week to talk Thor.
  • (0:07:29) Laura: It was just announced that I joined the cast of The Last of Us II!

The Game

  • (0:15:35) Liam: The Last of Us.
  • (0:17:52) Grog: … and she just like, Alpha-Bits and Lucky Charms all over the place, just all over the table.
  • (0:23:40) Grog: Like what’s that game? Scanlan: Sorry? Vex: Parcheesi. Checkers. Chess.
  • (0:35:21) Vax: You’ve played this before? Percy: Well, Gurps. Vax: Have you played Shadowrun?
  • (0:39:08) Vax: Ok, Night at the Improv, here we go.
  • (0:39:57) Percy: You’re imagining wrong. Vex: Your fun is wrong. Vax: Is my fun wrong?! I guess it is!
  • (0:46:57) Percy: Your flagon sense? Is it tingling? (Spiderman)
  • (0:48:02) Sam: Marvel Puzzle Quest. It’s a fantastic game.
  • (0:49:23) Travis: It’s so good, in fact, that you take one step into the wall and you turn and face it like the creepy person in Blair Witch, and you stay there.
  • (0:52:47) Liam: I’m a big fan of the show Stillben Vandal. It’s quite good. (American Vandal)
  • (1:02:41) Sam: Why is it holding a shovel? Taliesin: It’s the Ghost of Yardwork Past. (A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost-Story of Christmas)
  • (1:04:46) Grog: He looks like the guy in Godfather, just *pew pew pew.*
  • (1:07:07) Vax: Feathers everywhere, David Bowie-style. Does it hurt the ghost?
  • (1:09:30) Vax: He’s like Ben Franklin with a key and a kite, you see it, right? (“Satisfied” from Hamilton)
  • (1:10:40) Vax: Push it. Push it real good. (“Push It” by Salt-n-Pepa)
  • (1:18:45) Liam: Is it like the ghost piano at the Magic Castle?
  • (1:22:58) Liam: He’s totally the witch in Willow. Willow!
  • (1:40:09) Vax: Sail! (“Sail” by AWOLNATION, Sail-Cat)
  • (1:54:24) Scanlan: That’s the power of glove! (“The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News)
  • (2:22:58) In the most glorious Edward Scissorhands movements you’ve ever gestured…
  • (2:27:46) Percy: You’re getting murdered by the touring company of Aladdin.
  • (2:34:44) Vax: I thought that you said you played Gurps in grade school. Don’t you know what he’s talking about? Percy: No, Gurps is just jacks and dice, it’s just very-
  • (2:43:44) Vax: Oh no, I wanted to pickpocket Scanlan so I could start robbing Gibbons.
  • (2:50:18) Vax: What is this, a JRPG? You’re throwing mana?
  • (2:53:18) Grog: You’re so drunk. Vex: You’re so drunk. Scanlan: Go home, unicorn. (Go home, you are drunk.)
  • (2:54:57) Grog: I am a unicorn. There can only be one. (Highlander)
  • (3:00:49) Travis: He’s going to make two hoof attack against you, and a horn-stabby in your face. Taliesin: Friendship is Magic.
  • (3:10:23) Liam: Colville, it’s up to you.
  • (3:13:56) Travis: He falls backwards, spewing like Stephen King’s The Thing.
  • (3:16:10) Sam: Like Free Willy!
  • (3:20:42) Liam and Laura sing theme from Jurassic Park
  • (3:23:50) Travis: Old Bricket Navy. (Old Navy)
  • (3:32:40) Grog: As the star of the Dallas Cowboys
  • (3:33:29) Travis: A female voice shouts out: “I need a hero. I need a hero, until the end of the night. He’s got to be strong, and he’s got to be fast, and he’s got to be fresh from the fight.” (“I Need a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler)
  • (3:47:57) Liam: Like either Rifts or Shadowrun?
  • (3:48:05) Travis: A do run run? (“Da Doo Ron Ron” by The Crystals)

After Show