A Tribute to Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest

Over the course of 115 episodes, we witnessed Keyleth learn how to balance hope and apathy, shapeshift into increasingly powerful creatures, and save Vox Machina from death on numerous occasions. Here are some of her shining moments.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break (along with some fantastic accompanying critter art!).

Thanks to @WendyDoodles for this art piece!

  • Writing comment cards with Percy (Ep01, 0:55:29)
  • Keyleth gets the first Nat20 of the campaign performing as a bear (Ep01, 1:22:38)
  • Ooooh, helloooo! (Ep02, 0:53:16)
  • Keyleth restores Grog’s intellect (Ep03, 0:27:00)
  • Finding Clarota (Ep03, 2:12:35)
  • Accidentally killing the prisoner (Ep06, 2:21:22)
  • Earth Elemental!Keyleth entertains Grog (Ep10, 1:38:09, 1:43:09)
  • Grappling K’varn (Ep11, 3:10:34)
  • Polymorph the wyvern into a bunny (Ep15, 2:19:54)
  • Keyleth completes her Aramente trip to the Fire Ashari (Ep22, 2:42:10, 4:14:30)
  • Talking down the gnome druid (Ep26, 3:23:16)
  • Sleet storm against the skeleton horde (Ep31, p2. 0:52:24)
  • Sunbeam against Sylas (Ep34, 2:56:30)
  • The Sun Tree- “Hey Boo.” (Ep37, 0:25:38)
  • Firestorm against the Lizardfolk (Ep42, 2:00:35)
  • Keyleth tells Vex what happened in the Tomb (Ep45, 0:48:38)
  • Keyleth Tidal Waves four fire elementals (Ep46, 2:02:11, 2:26:38)
  • Keyleth traps goliaths in the pit (Ep51, 0:27:27)
  • Keyteor’s epic crater (Ep55, 1:09:51)
  • Kerrek and Keyleth’s chat (Ep56, 1:57:47)
  • The Sun Tree, “Sun Tree A-OK.” (Ep57, 3:24:02)
  • Keyleth attempts to juggle limes (Ep58, 3:07:25)
  • Keyleth and Percy trick Garmelie with a threshold crest (Ep60, 2:10:51)
  • Treestride as a fire elemental into a treant (Ep63, 2:38:45)
  • Vax finally has a conversation with Keyleth about their relationship (Ep65, 0:11:30)

Thanks to @meglm for this art piece!

  • Keyleth and Percy get wasted in Ank’Harel (Ep65, 3:13:29)
  • Grog and Keyleth Nat 1 Buddies (Getting Kicked out of a Casino Edition) (Ep66, 2:07:15)
  • Keyleth casts Control Weather and parts the storm (Ep67, 2:53:19)
  • Keyleth sends Orthax screaming back to the Abyss (Ep69, 1:07:13)
  • Keyleth’s contribution to Percy’s resurrection (Ep69, 1:16:55)
  • Keyleth gets a note from Kerrek (Ep69, 1:58:16)
  • Keyleth would like to rage at Raishan (Ep70, 0:19:17)
  • Pike and Keyleth completely fail their stealth checks together (Ep71, 0:39:27)
  • Vex and Keyleth have to wake up Kashaw (Ep73, 0:44:07)
  • Grog and Keyleth’s conversation about rage (Ep73, 1:15:36)
  • Keyleth uses the Spire of Conflux in battle for the first time (Ep77, 0:41:38)
  • Keyleth convinces Kash to fight with them (Ep78, 0:41:51)
  • Keyleth, Vax, and Allura go to Zephrah (Ep78, 1:42:52)
  • Keyleth successfully Feebleminds Raishan (Ep83, 2:28:31)
  • You’ve never played boulder, paper, shears?! (Ep86, 1:28:27)
  • Vax and Keyleth talk (Ep88, 1:01:08)
  • Keyleth’s part in Vax’s resurrection (Ep89, 0:49:17)
  • Keyleth learns to Shapechange (Ep89, 1:59:46)
  • Keyleth accepts the mantle of the Voice of the Tempest (Ep90, 3:50:30)
  • Keyleth Shapechanges into an Erinyes to intimidate a chain devil and corrupted dwarf (Ep92, 0:14:51)

Thanks to @AlexMarx101 for this art piece!

  • Keyleth Shapechanges into a Fire Giant and piledrives Utugash (Ep93, 1:54:45)
  • Keyleth Plane Shifts Vox Machina out of Dis, saving them from certain enslavement/corruption/death (Ep93, 4:19:19)
  • Keyleth, Vex, and Pike have an underwater tea party (Ep95, 0:18:45)
  • Keyleth gives an inspiring speech (to some) on the way to the Grumpy Lily (Ep98, 0:54:38)
  • Undaunted by Vecna, Pike and Keyleth bring down Entropis (Ep102, 2:19:47)
  • Keyleth successfully Plane Shifts Vox Machina away from Vecna (Ep102, 4:19:31)
  • Keyleth talks to the Salt Tree (Ep104, 1:29:21)
  • Keyleth and Percy toast using a potted plant and a book (Ep106, 2:11:52)
  • Keyleth is an inspiring leader through interpretive dance (Ep107, 0:28:06)
  • Keyleth defeats the Forge Guardian as a planetar (Ep108, 3:37:02)
  • Earth Elemental!Keyleth finds the Sword of Kas (Ep112, 2:55:42)
  • Keyleth successfully reads from the Tome of Isolation, allowing Vox Machina to complete the Rites of Prime Banishment (Ep114, 5:24:15)
  • Keyleth gives one last victorious inspirational speech to Vasselheim (Ep115, 1:23:08)
  • Keyleth’s epilogue (Ep115, 4:10:05)

Thanks to @DragonSparkz for this art piece!