A Tribute to Percival de Rolo, Sophist of Native Ingenuity of Whitestone

In the beginning, Percy built a gun to get vengeance for the family he lost. In the end, he built a clock to honor the family he gained.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break (along with some fantastic accompanying critter art!).

Thanks to @StrayLiger for this art piece!

  • Percy writes comment cards with Keyleth (Ep01, 0:55:29)
  • HDYWTDT on the Abyssal Abomination (Ep08, 2:39:35)
  • Percy saves Scanlan by taking out Clarota (Ep13, 1:10:14)
  • The PJ-clad massacre/The buttflap of his soul is down (Ep18, 1:46:42)
  • “I’m a genius! I’m sorry! God, I’m clever.” (Ep19, 2:48:14)
  • Percy tells Vox Machina his history with the Briarwoods (Ep24, 0:19:38)
  • Percy crafts Diplomacy (Ep24, 2:38:15)
  • “SYLAS!” (Ep25, 1:16:32)
  • “Your soul is now forfeit!” (Ep25, 3:08:12)
  • Vax, Percy, and Scanlan try to get into the Zenith Temple (Ep29, 0:29:00)
  • “And may I just say? You were the one I was least looking forward to.” (Ep29, 3:22:02)
  • Ripley is the Luckiest Person in Whitestone (Ep33, p1. 0:31:48)
  • Percy gives Cassandra the honor of killing Delilah (Ep35, p1. 2:03:39)
  • Keyleth gifts Percy the bird skull (Ep36, 2:33:04)

Thanks to @applecaketweets for this art piece!

  • “This is an evening of unbridled guilt.” (Ep45, 1:41:35)
  • “Your secret is safe with my indifference.” (Ep45, 2:16:55)
  • Percy gives the javelin a chance first (Ep49, 1:08:37)
  • Percy catches an arrow (Ep52, 1:05:00)
  • “How long do you think I live?” (Ep56, 3:07:50)
  • Percy builds Victor a new hand (Ep57, 0:37:57, 1:43:50)
  • Percy speaks with the Raven Queen (Ep57, 1:55:17)
  • Percy’s last Talk with Pike (Ep58, 3:23:28)
  • Percy and Vex talk about being charmed and looking put-together (Ep59, 2:30:05)
  • Percy makes Vex a Baroness (Ep60, 0:54:44)
  • Keyleth and Percy trick Garmelie with a threshold crest (Ep60, 2:10:51)
  • Percy flirts with grass (Ep60, 2:21:47)
  • “Hello Faeries. We’re napping.” (Ep61, 2:22:23)

Thanks to @Tellinpa for this art piece!

  • “Life needs things to live.” (Ep63, 1:14:14)
  • Percy and Keyleth get wasted in Ank’Harel (Ep65, 3:11:45)
  • The broom puking incident (Ep66, 1:36:10)
  • Percy forgives Ripley (Ep68, 3:52:16)
  • Percival of Vox Machina’s letter (Ep69, 2:33:53)
  • Percy successfully wheels and deals with Raishan (Ep70, 3:03:16)
  • Percy and Vex discuss forgiveness (Ep72, 2:57:23)
  • Percy stabs Asum!Raishan in the back (Ep73, 1:45:53)
  • Percy knocks on Vex’s door (Ep78, 1:57:32)
  • Percy offers to give Vex a full tour of the Treasury (Ep86, 2:43:11)

Thanks to @IsabelKSilva for this art piece!

  • Percy and Vax go to the Raven’s Crest together (Ep90, 2:56:25)
  • Percy wheels and deals with Ipkesh in Dis (Ep91, 3:16:55)
  • And again to sign the contract (Ep92, 1:29:43)
  • Percy kills three spined devils in one turn (Ep93, 3:42:12)
  • Percy secretly Scrys on Scanlan (Ep94, 1:36:04)
  • Percy and Vex make an official tour guide hat for Grog, which he proudly wears (Ep96, 0:23:48, 0:34:47)
  • “What’s Kaylie’s mother’s name?” (Ep99, 2:41:44)
  • Percy gets the HDYWTDT on Delilah Briarwood (Ep102, 3:37:11)
  • “The burrowing eyeball? Are you sure?” (Ep103, 0:30:18)
  • Percy admits to Pelor that he and Vex are betrothed (Ep104, 2:45:38)
  • Percy explores Ioun’s library (Ep105, 3:43:56)
  • Scanlan gets Percy and Vex to spill the beans (Ep105, 3:50:05)
  • Keyleth and Percy toast with a potted plant and a book (Ep106, 2:11:52)
  • Percy and Grog forge the trammels (Ep108, 3:59:35)
  • Percy has his last words to Vax planned out (Ep113, 0:46:49)
  • Percy attempts to talk to the Raven Queen (Ep115, 1:28:44)
  • Percy misses his family (Ep115, 2:32:41)
  • Percy’s epilogue (Ep115, 3:58:45)