A Tribute to Pike Trickfoot, Champion of The Everlight

Equal measures healer and monstah, Pike was the Exandrian equivalent of the Everlight punching a dragon down from the sky through divine might.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break (along with some fantastic accompanying critter art!).

Thanks to @Malcassairo for this art piece!

  • Pike’s first appearance on Critical Role (Ep04, 0:21:10)
  • Pike finishes off a duregar (Ep07, 0:39:05)
  • Pike touches Kima (Ep08, 0:32:22)
  • Pike discovers a crack in her holy symbol (Ep08, 1:26:27)
  • Pike revives Grog mid-K’varn battle (Ep11, 4:05:55)
  • Pike repents to Sarenrae (Ep15, 0:46:14)
  • Pike’s “fail of a motherf***ing turn” (Ep15, 2:33:48)
  • Pike says goodbye for now to Vox Machina (Ep16, 2:54:10)
  • Pike’s surprise return (Ep22, 0:43:23)
  • Pike appears, destroys an army (Ep32, 0:25:00)
  • Pike gets the HDYWTDT on a zombie giant (Ep32, 1:21:53)
  • Pike removes one of Percy’s corruption points in Whitestone (Ep32, 2:32:52)
  • Pike summons a Planar Ally who fixes Greyskull Keep (Ep40, 1:25:32)
  • DROP YOUR BOW! (Ep41, 1:38:48)
  • Pike casts Speak with the Dead on Reginald (Ep50, 2:03:37)
  • Pike and Scanlan have a late night chat (Ep50, 2:13:23)
  • Pike and Percy Raise Theodore from the Dead (Ep52, 3:01:59)
  • The “Mom Look” (Ep54, 2:08:38)
  • Pike and Vax have a talk (Ep56, 3:39:49)
  • Pike defeats Hotis (Ep58, 1:34:27)
  • Pike and Scanlan clear the air (Ep58, 3:06:47)
  • Pike gets super drunk (Ep69, 2:25:46)
  • Pike and Keyleth completely fail their stealth checks together (Ep71, 0:39:27)
  • Divine Intervention actually works (Ep71, 3:08:46)

Thanks to @jessejlarsen for this art piece!

  • Flowers for Grogernon (Ep75, 2:55:29)
  • Grog kills the fire roc (Ep77, 2:41:59)
  • Pike’s contribution to Scanlan’s resurrection (Ep84, 0:35:11)
  • The flashcards (Ep89, 2:21:38)
  • Pike and Grog get plastered in a bar in Whitestone (Ep94, 2:19:48)
  • Pike talks to Scanlan on the earring of whisper (Ep94, 2:25:00)
  • Keyleth, Vex, and Pike have an underwater tea party (Ep95, 1:18:45)
  • Pike and Grog get their hair braided (Ep95, 1:35:22)
  • Pike and Grog debate pulling a card from the Deck of Many Things (Ep95, 2:25:46)
  • Pike sees her cousins and uncle for the first time in a long while (Ep95, 2:42:19)
  • “If I ever see you again…” (Ep96, 4:27:25)
  • Pike casts Earthquake and Fire Storm to singlehandedly finish off the remaining ankhegs (Ep99, 0:23:50)
  • “I brought you back so you could be with your daughter. So: F***. You.” (Ep99, 3:43:22)
  • “These are Shorties. They’re named after you.” (Ep99, 3:51:59)
  • Undaunted by Vecna, Pike and Keyleth bring down Entropis (Ep102, 2:19:47)
  • Pike talks with Sarenrae and is gifted a tuning fork for Elysium (Ep103, 2:30:02)
  • Pike gets to chat in-person with Sarenrae, gaining her blessing (Ep104, 0:43:05)
  • Pike entices Artagan to come see Vox Machina (Ep112, 3:28:45)
  • Pike casts Mass Heal mid-battle, returning all of VM’s hit points and saving them from certain death (Ep114, 3:03:11)
  • Pike and Scanlan ask each other out (Ep115, 3:42:32)
  • Pike’s Epilogue (Ep115, 3:53:07)

Thanks to @_sleepyjane for this art piece!