A Tribute to Trinket, Blessed by Orlan

Our Tribute series wouldn't be complete without Vex's faithful companion!

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break (along with some fantastic accompanying critter art!).

Thanks to @eric_grimoire for this art piece!

  • Trinket accidentally steps in the fighting ring at the tavern (Ep01, 1:15:59)
  • Trinket kills an orc (Ep18, 1:57:06)
  • Zahra talks to Trinket (Ep19, 1:17:37)
  • Pretty Trinket (Ep24, 2:18:28)

Thanks to @VyllaArt for this art piece!

  • Vex teaches Trinket to cannonball (Ep24, 2:42:47)
  • Trinket kills Count Tylieri (Ep31, p1. 1:32:41)
  • Trinket and Grog kill Orthax (Ep35, p1. 2:02:08)
  • Trinket the Human (Ep36, 2:00:20)
  • Trinket defends Vex’ahlia against the Ghost Direbear (Ep60, 2:37:37)

Thanks to J.T. Arndt for this art piece!

  • What’s a whale? (Ep88, 2:05:53)
  • Vex and Trinket battle the Gray Render together (Ep94, 3:25:03)
  • Vex sics Trinket on Vax (Ep95, 1:48:36)
  • Trinket lets Vex know he’s okay with being turned into an eagle (Ep113, 0:28:56)
  • Trinket meets Cookie, Waffle, Peddy, and Liam (Honey Heist, 0:19:16)
  • Trinket shotputs a person (Honey Heist, 2:31:40)
  • Trinket picks a lock (Honey Heist, 2:47:50)
  • Trinket talks to Vex about getting sick (Grog’s One Shot, 3:27:10)

Thanks to @Bill_Wash for this art piece!