A Tribute to Vax'ildan, Champion of The Matron of Ravens

We're going to miss Vox Machina as much as anyone. With the end of the campaign, we compiled a series of lists of what we at CRS consider to be each character's best moments on-stream. Some are ridiculous, some are epic, and some are heartbreaking, but all are wonderful. Starting today and three times a week until the end of the year, we'll be going in order of their final send-offs in episode 115, starting with Vax.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break (along with some fantastic accompanying critter art!).

This story shall the DM teach their group,
And Vax’ildan and friends shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But they in it shall be remembered;
Those few, those happy few, brave Vox Machina.
For they that day who sealed Vecna with him
Shall be his family.

Thanks to @TriaElf9 for this art piece!

  • Vax and Vex act like tourists in Kraghammer (Ep01, 0:57:26)
  • Vax and Scanlan sneak into the Duergar Warcamp (Ep04, 1:32:49)
  • “In the darkness I say ‘F***!’” (Ep07, 1:04:50)
  • Vax loses a toe (Ep08, 0:17:30, 0:42:15)
  • Vax and Vex fight over some armor (Ep09, 2:19:25)
  • Gilmore and Vax’s date (Ep14, 2:43:21)
  • Keyleth and Vax decide to pretend to be married (Ep20, 1:44:27)
  • Vax knocks out Kynan, then makes a promise (Ep23, 2:45:14)
  • Pretty Trinket (Ep24, 2:18:28)
  • Beardgate (Ep24, 2:34:33)
  • Nearly talking his way out of the Briarwoods’ room (Ep25, 0:14:08)
  • Vax’s life flashes before him (Ep25, 0:40:01)
  • Vax, Percy, and Scanlan try to get into the Zenith Temple (Ep29, 0:29:00)
  • Vax deals 80+ points of damage to Kerrion in one round (Ep29, 2:52:16)
  • Vax gives Vex his Cloak of Elvenkind (Ep33, p1. 0:45:49)

Thanks to Edgar Pirogov for this art piece!

  • “You know I’m in love with you, right?” (Ep33, p2. 0:04:10)
  • Vex gives Simon back to Vax (Ep36, 2:30:40)
  • Vax and Gilmore have a conversation (Ep38, 0:58:33)
  • “What are we even doing here?” (Ep39, 3:17:07)
  • Vax is what Gilmore sees as he wakes up (Ep41, 2:27:24)
  • Vax turns down and is kicked out of the Clasp (Ep42, 2:54:13)
  • Vax, Grog, and Scanlan spar with Earthbreaker Groon  (Ep43, 2:46:51)
  • Vax makes a deal with The Raven Queen (Ep44, 4:30:26)
  • Vax multiclasses (Ep55, 0:55:38)
  • Vax talks with Pike (Ep56, 3:39:49)
  • Vax meets the Raven Queen in the Raven’s Crest (Ep57, 1:04:54)

Thanks to @Sidhe_Muses for this art piece!

  • Vax learns how to fly (Ep58, 2:14:18)
  • Vax and Vex talk to their sister (Ep60, 0:58:26)
  • Vax finally has a conversation with Keyleth about their relationship (Ep65, 0:11:59)
  • Vax gets caught by Vex on his Walk of Shame (Ep65, 1:59:59)
  • Vax stacks glasses and trays on top of the passed out drunk Pike (Ep69, 2:38:47)
  • Vax deals 86 points of damage with a single dagger (Ep71, 2:39:50)
  • Vax makes faces at Senokir (Ep75 [among others], 0:25:45)
  • Keyleth, Vax, and Allura go to Zephrah (Ep78, 1:42:52)
  • Vax spars with Kashaw (Ep78, 2:23:01)
  • Vax gets the HDYWTDT on Thordak (Ep79, 3:19:50)

Thanks to @sketchingsprw for this art piece!

  • Vax and Grog break in the new guy (Ep86, 1:29:04)
  • Vax and Keyleth talk (Ep88, 1:01:08)
  • Vax and Percy go to the Raven’s Crest together (Ep90, 2:56:25)
  • Vax and Vex talk about the future (Ep94, 4:04:52)
  • Vax steals Taryon’s armor and hides it in Percy and Vex’s room (Ep95, 1:27:17)
  • Vax and Scanlan ride on Mister Mistoffelees the Gloomstalker (Ep102, 1:23:23, 1:44:21)
  • Vax has a conversation with the Raven Queen (Ep103, 0:51:33)
  • Vax and Grog conspire to give Scanlan a love potion (Ep109, 0:23:41)
  • Vax picks an unpickable lock (Ep110, 2:01:45)
  • Vax one-shots a dwarven king mummy (Ep110, 2:08:04)
  • ...And then one-shots a nothic (Ep110, 2:20:32)
  • Vax agrees to a deal with Artagan (Ep112, 3:33:10)
  • Vax says goodbye to Gilmore (Ep113, 4:51:13)
  • Vax says goodbye to Vox Machina (Ep115, 1:29:41)
  • Elaina is so proud of Vax (Ep115, 1:41:46)