A Tribute to Vex'ahlia de Rolo, Champion of The Dawnfather and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break (along with some fantastic accompanying critter art!).

So if you care to find her,
Look to the northern sky,
As Whitestone’s Grand Grey Hunter,
The Dawnfather’s champion needs to fly!

Thanks to @atriem for this art piece!

  • Vex and Vax act like tourists in Kraghammer (Ep01, 0:57:26)
  • Vex and Keyleth find Clarota (Ep03, 2:12:35)
  • Vax and Vex fight over some armor (Ep09, 2:19:25)
  • Vex gets the first HDYWTDT on K’varn (Ep11, 4:19:35)
  • Vex haggles with Sherri (Ep14, 2:12:22)
  • Vex haggles with Highbearer Vord (Ep16, 1:13:45)
  • Vex flashes Grog (Ep23, 1:22:23)
  • Vex and Scanlan get Keyleth and Tiberius out of holding (Ep23, 1:38:20)
  • Vex teaches Trinket to cannonball (Ep24, 2:42:47)
  • Double Nat20s against the Briarwoods (Ep25, 0:58:47)
  • Crazy Grandma (Ep29, 1:54:24)
  • Vex checks in with Percy via wall-slamming (Ep31, p1. 2:11:44)
  • “Darling, take the mask off.” (Ep33, p1. 2:09:22)
  • Vex gives Simon back to Vax (Ep36, 2:30:40)

Thanks to @NaomiMakesArt for this art piece!

  • Vex burns Scanlan with a limerick (Ep42, 2:31:11)
  • Vex fails to haggle the book merchant down (Ep44, 0:26:41)
  • Keyleth tells Vex what happened in the Tomb (Ep45, 0:48:38)
  • Vex and Vax talk after Vax sleeps in her doorway (Ep45, 1:32:43)
  • Vex steals the broom (Ep46, 2:54:11)
  • Vex flies for the first time (Ep47, 0:41:51)
  • Putting Grog in the locket and releasing him (Ep52, 1:35:59, 2:30:38)
  • Dealing 100+ damage against Umbrasyl (Ep54, 2:43:44)
  • Vex casts Speak with Animals for the first time (Ep59, 1:14:55)
  • Finding Garmelie (Ep59, 1:26:00)
  • Percy and Vex talk about being charmed and looking put-together (Ep59, 2:30:05)
  • Vax and Vex talk to their sister (Ep60, 0:58:26)
  • Vex stands up to Saundor (Ep63, 2:07:40)
  • Vex and Percy visit the tarot card reader (Ep65, 2:41:14)
  • The broom puking incident (Ep66, 1:36:10)

Thanks to @flyboy_elm for this art piece!

  • Vex’s plea (and ensuing Nat20) during Percy’s resurrection (Ep69, 1:11:40)
  • Vex gets the HDYWTDT on Vorugal (Ep71, 4:34:40)
  • Vex and Percy discuss forgiveness (Ep72, 2:57:23)
  • Vex and Keyleth have to wake up Kashaw (Ep73, 0:44:07)
  • Vex chooses to save the two aasimar boys from slavery (Ep75, 3:13:24)
  • Vex gets revenge on Xanthas (Ep77, 2:46:01)
  • "Would you like to talk before or after?" (Ep78, 1:57:32)
  • Vex thought Vax would never leave (Ep81, 3:01:21)
  • Vex definitely gives Grog the Deck of Many Things back (Ep82, 1:06:18)
  • Vex asks Grand Maven Gameshega to pardon Jarett (Ep86, 1:11:48)
  • Vex’s part in Vax’s resurrection (Ep89, 0:45:13)
  • Vex’ahlia: Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt (Ep94, 3:54:38)
  • Vex and Vax talk about the future (Ep94, 4:04:52)
  • Keyleth, Vex, and Pike have an underwater tea party (Ep95, 0:18:45)
  • Vex is livid after her room is torn apart (Ep95, 1:42:58)
  • Vex tells the Whitestone Castle staff to cook a mediocre meal for the Trickfoots (Ep95, 3:19:12)
  • Percy and Vex make an official tour guide hat for Grog, which he proudly wears (Ep96, 0:23:48, 0:34:47)
  • Vex shoots an oracle arrow into the spinning orb of death (Ep97, 1:11:12)
  • Vex reveals that The Meat Man talking to them is actually Scanlan (Ep99, 1:56:02)
  • Tary and Vex say their goodbyes (Ep101, 2:16:47)
  • Vex taunts Vecna (Ep102, 2:28:23, 3:52:27)

Thanks to @jessmightwork for this art piece!

  • Pelor’s Trial (Ep104, 2:27:48)
  • Scanlan gets Percy and Vex to spill the beans (Ep105, 3:50:05)
  • “And he’s married to me and I will cut you.” (Ep109, 0:44:58)
  • Vex tells Vax he’s not going anywhere (Ep113, 0:46:24)
  • Vex gets the final HDYWTDT on Delilah Briarwood (Ep113, 2:35:33)
  • Vex saves Velora’s body (Ep114, 1:30:32)
  • Vex’s epilogue (Ep115, 3:58:45)