A Tribute to Vox Machina

Last, but not least, we honor the ridiculous and epic moments Vox Machina had as a group!

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break (along with some fantastic accompanying critter art!).

Thanks to @delsinsfire for this art piece!

  • Vox Machina band together to distract Balgus from fighting Trinket (Ep01, 1:15:43)
  • Vox Machina pay a visit to Greyspine Manor (Ep01, 1:50:55)
  • Vox Machina intimidate a duergar before belatedly killing her (Ep03, 0:09:44)
  • Falling from the sky in the Duergar Stronghold (Ep05, 0:40:20)
  • VM rescue Kima (Ep06, 2:16:14)
  • Vox Machina question Queen Ulara and speaks with K’varn for the first time (Ep09, 1:06:57)
  • The rest of Vox Machina object to Vax’s speech before going to battle K’varn (Ep11, 2:46:57)
  • The party pub crawls and debates what to do with the petrified Kima (Ep13, 2:18:26)
  • Vox Machina go to Gilmore’s Glorious Goods for the first time on-stream (Ep14, 1:57:14)
  • After breaking the laws of Vasselheim, Vox Machina are taken to the Slayer’s Take for the first time (Ep17, 3:13:12)
  • Vox Machina is reunited (Ep22, 0:08:21)
  • While Vax stealths around, the others talk to the Briarwoods (Ep24, 3:20:16)
  • Vox Moochina (Ep26, 2:34:38)
  • VM see the Sun Tree up close (Ep28, 2:38:52)
  • VM’s surprise round against Sir Kerrion (Ep29, 2:33:41)
  • Vox Machina rushes Vex out of the anti-magic room (Ep34, 4:17:32)
  • VM fight Percy’s inner demon (Ep35, p1. 1:01:16)
  • Vox Machina go on a pub crawl, ending at Howarth’s (Ep38, 0:33:40)
  • Allura helps the party come to action regarding the new threat (Ep40, 2:53:31)
  • VM destroy the looters (Ep41, 1:13:12)
  • The party finds and opens the trapdoor under where Gilmore’s bed stood (Ep41, 2:19:50)
  • Vox Mach ina get the Emon refugees to safety through a tree (Ep42, 3:10:06)
  • VM intimidate the skeezy potion salesman in Vasselheim (Ep43, 0:53:09)
  • Vex’s resurrection (Ep44, 4:25:49)
  • Vox Machina revives Grog and gets rid of Craven Edge (Ep50, 0:30:00)
  • Vox Machina f*** s*** up (Ep52, 0:15:15)

Thanks to @FelineTrickster for this art piece!

  • The Cannonball Contest (Ep56, 0:54:51)
  • Hats Machina (Ep60, 1:48:26)
  • Polymachina (Ep60, 2:06:21)
  • Vax and Scanlan fall prey to the Last Campsite of Sorodun the Happy, leaving Vox Machina to rescue them (Ep61, 0:48:20)
  • VM mourn the loss of Tiberius together (Ep64, 3:43:07)
  • VM explore Ank'Harel (Ep65, 2:16:23)
  • VM’s evening in the Luck’s Run Casino (Ep66, 1:54:37)

Thanks to @BrinMataujall for this art piece!

  • Vox Machina get the HDYWTDT on Ripley (Ep68, 4:22:58)
  • Percy’s resurrection (Ep69, 1:09:15)
  • Vex, Grog, and Scanlan debate leaving everyone behind (Ep72, 1:05:22)
  • Vox Machina “vogue” as the twins (Ep75, 3:11:15)
  • Scanlan’s resurrection (Ep84, 0:29:52)
  • Vax’s resurrection (Ep89, 0:44:12)
  • Vox Machina build a disguise for Doty (Ep90, 0:49:37)
  • Bats Machina (Ep93, 3:09:41)
  • Vox Machina go on vacation to the Bay of Gifts (Ep95, 1:04:48)
  • Vox Machina meet the Trickfoots (Ep95, 2:51:25)
  • Vox Machina become "highway bandits" (Ep97, 2:53:33)
  • Vox Machina is “day-buzzed” at the Darrington Estate (Or, Vox Machina cannot hear “duty” without giggling) (Ep98, 0:24:34, 0:28:25, 0:29:20, 0:31:12)
  • Vox Machina has a 10-minute group hug in Ank’harel (Ep100, 0:27:29)
  • Vox Machina approach the ruins of Vecna’s tower (Ep102, 2:24:38)
  • “What does she mean to you?” (Ep104, 2:42:39)
  • Vox Machina try to have a team meeting about Vecna while Scanlan is under the effects of a Philter of Love (Ep109, 0:46:42)
  • Vox Machina decide they are totally going to go shopping, split up, take out their eyes and worship Vecna (Ep109, 2:16:56)
  • Vox Machina decide to split the party… then change their mind (Ep111, 1:33:15)
  • Vox Machina mentally prepare for their fight with Vecna before going to sleep in the Feywild (Ep113, 0:43:59)
  • Vox Machina complete the Rites of Prime Banishment, sealing away Vecna forever (Ep114, 5:24:15)
  • Vox Machina’s epilogue (Ep115, 3:45:54)