Monster Analysis: ...and Catacombs

Thanks to @sizzlork for this art piece!

The kobolds may have been the primary draw to the catacombs, but the catacombs themselves hold secrets and dangers untold. …Okay, we’ll tell.


Troggs, much like trolls, are primitive, aggressive, and extremely unintelligent. In Azeroth, they were created by the keepers in a failed attempt to make a new race of powerful creatures called titan-forged. In Hearthstone, there are a variety of trogg cards that are generally used to disrupt an opponent’s spell casting, usually by becoming stronger every time a spell is cast. From their apparent hatred of and ability to feed off magic, it’s possible that these troggs got their hands on Aluneth after killing its previous owner. Unfortunately for them, the mushrooms in the cavern made them vulnerable to Quazirat’s assertion that he knew their father and that they were one and the same, so the party was able to steal the staff and slip past easily.

Magma Rager

The magma rager is an impressive looking specimen, a dangerous seeming elemental of fire and metal. As a Hearthstone card, however, it is actually considered extremely weak, having a high attack but incredibly low hit point total. We are unclear if Matt kept this low constitution as no one actually attacked the creature, though it was very susceptible to Greldamine’s charm. (And, honestly, who wouldn’t be?) The rager didn’t leave its island, so as long as it wasn’t confronted head-on, battle with the elemental was easily avoided.

Red Dragon

  • Armor Class 18-22
  • Fire Breath: 35-48 damage per blast
  • Claw Attack
  • 41 total damage taken before escaped

Based on the amount of fire breath damage, we estimate that Matt used a slightly nerfed young to adult red dragon as a template. With a random encounter challenge rating of 10 as the Monster Manual presents it, the dragon very much represented a “turn and flee” type challenge. Admittedly, the party had not intended to engage him in the first place, but the round of aggression quickly downed both healers. It’s a miracle the party survived, and even more so that Quazirat‘s new sword didn’t pull him swiftly back to certain doom.


  • Armor Class 18
  • 250 estimated total health
  • 225 damage taken before put to sleep by Greldamine

Rakanishu originally stems from the world of Diablo (a separate Blizzard property) as one of the most powerful Fallen, so much so that other Fallen even chant his name. This iteration of Rakanishu is lightning-based rather than fire. However, WoW players who venture among the kobolds in Legion zones will occasionally hear them chanting the fiend’s name...

The Rakanishu we met in the catacombs seems to be equally powerful, formerly contained by the lantern crown on King Togwaggle’s head. Upon its release, it exploded, setting most of the party on fire, before lashing out with even more fire and growing more and more powerful with each passing round. It took a significant amount of damage before Greldamine put it to sleep, allowing the party to collect as much wax as possible before pouring water on its head, forcing them to flee or risk his renewed rage. Unfortunately for Quazirat, his sword forced him to stand and fight before very likely being burned to a crisp. YOLO.