Monster Analysis: Kobolds (Hearthstone)

Thanks to @Takayuuki_art for this art piece!

Unlike Dungeon and Dragon’s small, adorably terrifying humanoid lizards, Warcraft and Hearthstone’s kobolds are small, adorably terrifying humanoid rats that run around with candles on their heads to light their darkened surroundings. They still possess similar eccentricity and cunning, and are not to be underestimated in numbers. The only thing you really need to know about the fuzzy kobolds is this: You No Take Candle.

Of course, that may prove difficult when that is quite literally the point of the quest.

Rank and File Kobolds

  • Armor Class ~12
  • 18-22 HP each

In combat, kobolds embolden each other, gaining advantage to attack if their enemy was damaged by another kobold that turn. The kobolds that our merry band of adventurers fought wielded pickaxes with +4 to hit. Had they been allowed to swarm, they could have proved a significant challenge. Fortunately, Greldamine’s Burning Hands forced them to stick to one bridge, and Lokhar, Bundle, and Aerwin were able to pick most of them off in a single turn. The rest were accidentally dealt with by their boss’s penchant for boom boom.

Kobold Leader

  • Armor Class 16
  • Dynamite Toss (Recharge 5-6) DC 15 Dexterity Saving Throw
  • 43 damage taken before killed by explosion

Unlike his underlings, the Kobold Leader spent most of his time chucking lit sticks of dynamite at the party (and his friends who were attacking them more directly). Once Quazirat got in his face, he did little more than run away and throw more dynamite. This, and Greldamine’s use of Burning Hands, proved to be his downfall. The resulting fire set off every stick of dynamite the kobolds had, causing an explosion that killed him and destroyed the party’s original exit from the chamber.

King Togwaggle

  • Armor Class 18
  • Multiattack (Shovel) +8 to hit, 14.5 average damage
  • Reaction: Vengeance of Rakanishu
  • 200 estimated total health
  • >196 total damage taken, 19+unknown HDYWTDT by Lokhor Windfallow

King Togwaggle was created specifically for Hearthstone’s new expansion. The self proclaimed “Big Cheese, The Head Rat, The Becandled King” seems to have earned the rest of the kobold’s respect for his own cunning schemes to lure adventures in with hopes of treasure, then finish them off when they’re weak and claim their own items for the kobolds.

In context of the one-shot, Togwaggle was the trick boss. His lack of immunity to stun severely undercut his threat in the first round, granting the heroes plenty of time and space to rack up damage. Greldamine attempted to steal his lantern crown with Mage Hand, a source of both his price and power. However, when she was knocked unconscious, the lantern crashed to the floor, freeing a force that the so-called clever king did not fully comprehend...