CRStats Favorite Moments Episode 101-Level 20 Battle Royale

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Thanks to @MaryneeLahaye for this art piece!

As we prepare to welcome the new band of ragtag would-be adventurers to Critical Role, we celebrate Vox Machina one last time with our fourth and final collection of favorite moments. (Links to full series of posts below!)

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  • Scanlan and Tary have a conversation about Lionel (Ep101, 0:52:34)
  • The Gofibepo (Ep101, 1:11:09)
  • Matt’s description of the Shadowfell (Ep101, 2:29:39)
  • Murder Twins Part Deux (Ep101, 2:59:42)

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  • Mr. Mistoffelees (Ep102, 1:05:46)
  • Two gnomes in a cloak (Ep102, 2:07:55)
  • Vecna speaks to Vox Machina for the first time (Ep102, 2:17:23)
  • Pike and Keyleth bring down (most of) Entropis (Ep102, 2:20:54)
  • Scanlan counterspells a counterspell, saving Vox Machina from almost certain death (Ep102, 4:20:23)
  • “Where’s Vax?” (Ep102, 4:22:56)
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Thanks to @KageSatsuki for this art piece!

  • Scanlan picks up the Eye of Vecna, and then realizes that it shouldn’t be trusted (Ep103, 0:21:48, 0:30:18)
  • The Raven Queen offers Vax a deal (again) (Ep103, 0:59:29)
  • “If we defeat him, do you go away?” (Ep103, 1:29:30)
  • Sarenrae invites Pike to the Island of Renewal (Ep103, 2:30:03)
  • “Yeah...take this hat and put it on.” (Ep103, 2:51:25)
  • Grog and Scanlan have a run-in with the Vasselheim bastions (Ep103, 2:52:52)
  • Pike gets to chat in-person with Sarenrae (Ep104, 0:43:05)
  • The Salt Tree (Ep104, 1:30:14)
  • Pelor’s Trial (Ep104, 2:27:48)
  • Vox Machina meets Sprigg (Ep105, 1:06:36)
  • VM visits Ioun’s library (Ep105, 3:41:18)
  • Scanlan gets Percy and Vex to spill the beans (Ep105, 3:50:05)
  • Vox Machina meet Ioun (Ep105, 3:58:18)


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Thanks to @Amhill for this art piece!

  • Ioun’s Trial (Ep106, 0:26:56)
  • Sprigg stays with Ioun (Ep106, 1:27:53)
  • Vox Machina has no respect for the newly deified Vecna (Ep106, 2:18:45)
  • Keyleth’s Inspiring Leader interpretive dance (Ep107, 0:28:06)
  • Travis/Grog’s brilliant idea to use the Alchemy Jug so VM can breathe in the poisonous fumes (Ep107, 1:52:52)
  • Vax and Grog prank Scanlan with a Philter of Love (Ep109, 0:21:36)
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Thanks to @IsabelKSilva for this art piece!

  • Matt has an epic war council meeting with himself (and Vox Machina) (Ep109, 1:22:59)
  • Vox Machina decides they are totally going to go shopping, split up, take out their eyes and worship Vecna (Ep109, 2:16:56)
  • Vox Machina get their first glimpse at the zombie titan (Ep109, 3:06:09)
  • Vax one-shots a mummified dwarf lord (Ep110, 2:07:16)
  • ...And then one-shots a nothic (Ep110, 2:21:24)
  • Reverse Math (Ep110, 3:10:52)

Thanks to @HollyOakhill for this art piece!

  • Kingston chats with Jayne, much to her and Clothesline’s annoyance (Bar Room Blitz, 0:17:51)
  • Jayne gets interrogated (Bar Room Blitz, 1:19:33)
  • Mary’s New Jersey rant (Bar Room Blitz, 1:48:45)
  • Jayne and Clothesline have a talk (Bar Room Blitz, 2:51:35)
  • VM almost split the party. Sorry, Matt. (Ep111, 1:34:53)
  • If you’re going to make your grand reappearance after 79 episodes, you must do so on an undead dragon (Ep112, 3:04:26)
  • Grog gets to know his second sentient chaotic evil longsword, Kas (Ep112, 3:07:23)
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Thanks to @Megzilla87 for this art piece!

  • “That’s fun.” Or, Vox Machina makes a deal with Artagan (Ep112, 3:33:10)
  • Scanlan makes a Wish (Ep113, 0:39:04)
  • The night before Vecna (Ep113, 0:43:59)
  • The final death of Delilah Briarwood (Ep113, 2:35:33)
  • Dogfight over Thar Amphala (Ep113, 3:10:09)
  • Vecna’s gift to Vox Machina (Ep113, 4:32:38)
  • Devo’ssa shows up to aid Vox Machina (Ep114, 1:39:38)
  • Zahra and Kash fly in to aid Vox Machina (Ep114, 2:43:36)
  • Pike casts Mass Heal, bringing Vox Machina up to full-health and saving them from certain death (Ep114, 3:03:11)
  • Arkhan climbs up to aid Vox Machina (Ep114, 3:30:29)
  • Scanlan Counterspells Vecna (Ep114, 0:59:02, 1:22:24, 4:31:13, 4:54:43, 5:12:08)
  • Keyleth successfully reads the Tome of Isolation, allowing Vox Machina to complete the Rites of Prime Banishment (Ep114, 5:24:15)
  • “You were trying to save a Wish for me?” (Ep114, 5:36:13)

Thanks to @AgentPluto for this art piece!

  • Vox Machina go drinking with Allura and Kima (Ep115, 2:51:15)
  • It takes a two-week trip to Pandemonium for Grog to FINALLY lose card privileges (Ep115, 3:35:11)
  • Pike builds a bench for Vax (Ep115, 3:39:30)
  • Scanlan and Pike ask each other out (Ep115, 3:42:32)
  • Vox Machina’s epilogue (Ep115, 3:45:54)
  • “But how will you pinky swear?” (Vampire Ep01, 0:19:04)
  • “I ate a rat, baby!” “You could have lied and I wouldn’t have known that!” (Vampire Ep01, 0:26:31)
  • Everyone figures out that Marisha and Matt are dead (Vampire Ep01, 1:12:07)
  • Sam, Liam, Laura, and Travis meet Vampire!Gary Gygax, who really just wanted to play with Matt (Vampire Ep01, 3:28:49)
  • Sam, Liam, Laura, and Travis meet the Lizard People of LA (Vampire Ep02, 0:42:03)
  • Liam drains Will Friedle (Vampire Ep02, 1:30:15)
  • Sam, Liam, Laura, and Travis find out that pretty much everyone is a vampire (Vampire Ep02, 2:37:32)
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Thanks to @abittomori for this art piece!

  • Vax can’t roll high enough for the acrobatics check (Grog’s One Shot, 0:59:22)
  • The unicorn can teleport five feet (Grog’s One Shot, 3:11:57)
  • Trinket talks to Vex about getting sick (Grog’s One Shot, 3:27:10)
  • Sam’s Marvel Puzzle Quest generic ad (Honey Heist, 0:00:29)
  • Trinket meets Cookie, Waffle, Peddy, and Liam (Honey Heist, 0:19:16)
  • The bear crew gets hats (Honey Heist, 0:38:10)
  • The bear crew fights Bonnie and Cow (Honey Heist, 1:03:12)
  • The bear crew saves a kid from bullies (Honey Heist, 1:21:32)
  • Waffle hacks the mainframe (Honey Heist, 1:55:28)
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Thanks to @drunken_pilot for this art piece!

  • Peddy speaks Panda to Grog (Honey Heist, 2:46:30)
  • Tova lives! (Honey Heist, 2:50:15)
  • Gone Fishin’ (Honey Heist, 3:05:20)
  • Speed Dating (Once Upon a Fairytale Cruise, 0:10:34)
  • Hearthstone character introductions (Hearthstone, 0:13:27)
  • Quazirat talks to the tripping troggs (Hearthstone, 1:39:13)
  • Dance, Magma Rager, Dance (Hearthstone, 2:20:20)
  • Jennifer wants to assassinate the gargantuan red dragon (Hearthstone, 2:23:34)

Thanks to @okayseesee for this art piece!

  • M’lightning bolt. (Level 20 Battle Royale, 0:55:54)
  • Percy uses the Iron Bands of Bilarro on Keyleth...which she resists due to Percy’s Silence spell and her Freedom of Movement spell (Level 20 Battle Royale, 3:02:34)
  • Scanlan casts Feeblemind (Level 20 Battle Royale, 3:18:11)
  • Keyleth wins the Level 20 Battle Royale (Level 20 Battle Royale, 4:34:04)