Ability Scores Over 20 (Percy/Keyleth)

Anonymous said: Do you know how Percy and Keyleth have stats of 22 for the dexterity and wisdom, respectively? I thought 5e didn't let you exceed 20.

Magic items! While most items in the DMG state that an item can increase a score up to the maximum of 20, there are a few that explicitly state that the cap can be exceeded. In the case of what Percy and Keyleth have equipped:

  • Manual of Quickness of Action (very rare): Increases Dex and Dex maximum by 2.
  • Circlet of Wisdom (very rare): When attuned, increases Wis and Wis maximum by 2.

Some other examples from the DMG you could also use in your game are:

  • Book of Exalted Deeds (artifact): Incrases Wis up to 24 (among a bunch of other magical properties)
  • A Blessing for saving the city of Emon (unlikely at their level, but possible!)

And those are just what are written down. The DM has free-reign to create any items he thinks would fit in his world. Some items from Pathfinder might have found their way in the current game, and it made sense to let them keep doing what they’re doing, as well.