Raven's Slumber

Anonymous asked: I'm working on a Vex cosplay. Can you tell me where I can find a description of her "pokeball" necklace- particularly what it looks like? Alternately, is there a list anywhere of odds and ends she (or anyone else, out of curiosity) has in her inventory? c: thank you~

To answer your last question regarding player inventory, we defer to BigTimmy053 on Reddit, who at this time has a list updated to episode 60 on Reddit.

We’ve received a number of asks about the Raven’s Slumber, so we figured it was time to give it its own post. The necklace is described in Episode 44 (4:37:30): “The only thing that sticks out to you is what appears to be a black crystal that comes to a point on one end. It has a loop on it like it was part of a medallion or a necklace or some sort of loop to carry on a chain.”

Mechanically speaking, the Raven’s Slumber is a crystal forming a gateway to a tiny pocket plane that can contain a single living, “not too big” creature indefinitely. Any creatures within in can vaguely see what’s going on outside the crystal, but they do not age or gain any benefits from rest from within it.

The user must contact the creature they want to encase and use their action to encase or release them. If the user is attempting to encase an unwilling creature into the Raven’s Slumber, the creature must make a saving throw to resist.

However, since Trinket has become expressly tied to the Raven’s Slumber, it appears that Vex requires only a bonus action instead of a full action to release or retrieve him. Additionally, if Trinket goes unconscious, is within 100 feet of Vex, and the Raven’s Slumber is unoccupied, Trinket is immediately stabilized (no death saving throws) and put into the crystal.