anonymous asked: You're doing a great service to the critter community with this page! Tell us about yourself!

Thanks! While CritRoleStats is already a team effort (seriously, critters are amazing and we wouldn’t have half the knowledge we have without you), we’re slowly working toward becoming a blog with a little bit more input from the community beyond the odd request and assist. We hope to evolve from one individual turning input from volunteers into articles to a team of individuals turning input from volunteers into articles, very soon. I have also joined forces with Critters RPG and a few other critters for another upcoming Critical Role fan project. Stay tuned… :)

We try to stay about the show on this blog, since that’s the reason why most of you are here. I’m also a pretty private person, but, I suppose I can share a little about myself. I was made in a dice factory…

Okay, legit CritRoleStats stats. I’m Andrew, head of the CritRoleStats blog and voice of @CritRoleStats on Twitter. While I’ve always enjoyed RPGs, it wasn’t until last year when I really got into tabletop RPGs. Rather than reattempting to enter the complex world of D&D after a game in college left a sour taste, I started small as the GM for a Leverage RPG campaign. I was eventually coaxed into playing D&D with some coworkers, but grew frustrated that we could only play once a week, at best. I chose to satiate my RPG cravings by finally finishing Persona 4 (and replaying P3FES after that).

Meanwhile, my wife heard about this great show on Felicia Day’s company’s Twitch stream where professional voice actors played D&D. At first I let her enjoy it on her own, as I couldn’t really see myself drawn into someone else’s adventure that was 3 hours long each session. After hearing her rant about Clarota’s betrayal (such passion!) and realizing that a few of the voices in the games I was playing were actually at the table, I finally gave it a try. I had caught up within a week.

While I do enjoy playing (halfing rogue and human bard), I’m the kind of guy who enjoys solving the mystery before the denouement, and otherwise having knowledge of all. It wasn’t long before I was drawn into the DM seat (I’m currently running a live campaign in a world of my own design). After live-tweeting a couple of times from my little-used personal account with the MM and DMG open, I found that there were just as many people who enjoyed knowing what was going on as I did. Soon thereafter, CritRoleStats was established.

It has been great working with all sorts of critters of the community. Shout outs to Critical Role Source and Vox-Machina here on Tumblr; CrittersRPG, Critters Community, and the many, many amazing individuals on Twitter; Geek and Sundry and the cast and crew of Critical Role for letting us join them and being super-cool about it all; and special shout outs to the volunteers who have lessened this great (but nonetheless fun) burden.