davlen asked: Given the estimated costs and everything he learned, if a new one is made. Wouldnt he likely try to get all the barrels enchanted with different types of damage this time...i would guess what 10kg for something like that and maybe 3 months of the enchantments? How does that sound?

If Percy did try to have each of the six barrels enchanted individually, that would be approximately 12,000 GP (6 barrels x 2000 for each +1 bonus) and should take about 12 days to enchant (1 day per every 1000 GP), on top of the weeks it would take to physically build it. Theoretically, at that cost, it would be cheaper to fully enchant Ripley’s gun, including an extra spell slot.

For example, Pathfinder has an item called the Firedrake Pistol, a +1 pistol that can deal Fire damage instead of Piercing. It also allows the user to cast Burning Hands from the barrel instead of a bullet. The cost to build it requires 10,800 GP and 11 days to integrate the required Fireball and Burning Hands spells into it. (If you were to walk into a shop to buy it, you’d be looking at 20,300 GP, but if you already have the materials, that will save quite a bit.)

Of course, that doesn’t include multiple types of enchantments (fire, ice, lightning, etc), so, hey, if he can pry money from the treasurer, what’s to stop him?