anonymous asked: Hello! Would it be possible to get statistics on the number of time Mercer has said Sigil and has been teased by Vox Machina for his pronunciation of the word? Thanks a lot, love your blog!

Thanks for following! Rest assured, we are most certainly updating our records and keeping track of it.

On a related note, for those who are curious what we’re actually working on, we have one of two options to satiate your curiosity. The Current Projects pagecontains the list of acknowledged requests. For those of you who want more details, we also share our Current Projects table, where we and our volunteers keep track of what work has been covered and by whom, and what still remains to be accomplished. If you’d like to help move things along, we would welcome the help!

Also, “Sigil.”


Heehee.  Gif by  Critical Role Source .

Heehee. Gif by Critical Role Source.