anonymous asked: How many times has Matthew used the word "cascade"?

Cascade: Not just for dishwasher detergent. Updated to episode 36. Thanks to thesingingbadger, rusty-diamond, and @dragonmustang01 for this list, and all of our volunteers for the “empty” episodes.

  1. Ep02 (2:47:20) “The brain, KSSH, cascades across the ground.”
  2. Ep03 (0:59:02) “… the river that’s been cascading through this cavern…”
  3. Ep03 (2:02:26) “… the waterfall, it’s cascading over the side”
  4. Ep04 (2:15:25) “…as this suddenly flaring blast of divine energy comes cascading out of the front of your palm…”
  5. Ep08 (0:32:53) “The divine energy emanates from Pike’s hand that begins to cascade across Kima’s form.”
  6. Ep09 (0:38:00) “a once invisible mindflayer goes cascading out”
  7. Ep12 (2:42:29) “…leaving you staring at this cascading funnel of sand…”
  8. Ep13 (0:24:44) “…and using a polymorphed Fomorian giant, cascading down hundreds upon hundreds of feet…”
  9. Ep13 (1:39:33) “…burst of purplish psychic blast just cascades out of the center…”