Tiberius's HP

anonymous asked: I would like to know how Tiberius has 99 HP at lvl 11, with a D6 hit die and a +3 con mod? Even if you take into account the +11 HP he gets from the dragonic bloodline from his sorcerous origin he would have to roll no lower than a 5 on a D6, 11 times to get 99 HP.

A level 11 sorcerer (+1d6 per level) with Draconic Origins (+1 per level) with a Con of 16 (+3 per level) could have as many 110 hit points, assuming the player rolls straight 6s. As Nonnie points out, Tiberius’s 99 is still pretty lucky. Without rolling any dice, the same sorcerer automatically gets 10 HP at level 1, and +4 for each additional level. That starts us at 50 + 10d6.

If you roll 10 6-sided dice, you could have 60,466,176 possible combinations with totals between 10 and 60. On average, you’d expect to roll a total of 35, with a standard deviation of 5.401. He had 1 in 14 chances to get 35; he instead rolled 49, which put him at 1 in 409.

Our take? Sometimes the dice are just lucky. He could have just as easily rolled 21 instead of 49 (also 1 in 409 odds).

It should also be pointed out that Tiberius has leveled to 12, though the cards on the stream haven’t been updated to reflect that. This could put him at as high as 109, if he rolled a 6. (This is also one reason why the character sheet recreations aren’t available yet. Silly numbers.)

Update: @jd2319 points out that if Orion have picked up the Tough feat, that’s an additional +2 hp per level (or another 22 points, at 11). We don’t know what Tiberius’s feats are, if any, but, it is an option!