anonymous asked: Would it be possible to make a list of the conventions that the cast has attended? (That they've announced on air)

Make sure you check out Critical Scope, who puts videos of the cast members speaking at conventions—as well as their Periscopes—on YouTube! 

Conferences Attended by the Critical Role Cast:

  • Colossalcon-Matt
  • Lock & Load-Marisha
  • Armageddon Expo-Matt and Marisha
  • San Japan-Mary
  • Gen Con 2015-Laura
  • AkaiCon-Matt and Marisha
  • Anime Revolution-Laura and Travis
  • Matsuricon-Matt
  • Senshi Con-Taliesin
  • New York Comic Con-Matt, Marisha, Taliesin, Orion, Sam, Travis, Ashley, Laura
  • Oni-Con-Taliesin
  • BlizzCon-Matt, Marisha, Taliesin, Liam
  • Amazing Arizona Comic Con-Taliesin
  • Colorado Anime Fest-Matt and Marisha
  • Wizard World Comic Con (Portland)-Matt, Marisha, Taliesin, Sam, Travis, Laura
  • Kaizoku Con-Matt and Marisha
  • WonderCon-Matt, Marisha, Taliesin,Travis, Laura
  • Tekko-Matt and Marisha
  • MomoCon-Matt
  • Amazing Hawaii Comic Con-Taliesin
  • Puerto Rico Comic Con-Travis and Laura
  • A-Kon- Matt
  • E3-Entire Cast
  • Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con-Taliesin
  • Haven Expo-Matt and Marisha
  • Anime Expo-Taliesin
  • San Diego Comic Con 2015 & 2016-Entire Cast
  • Gen Con 2016-Matt, Marisha, Taliesin, Sam, Travis, Ashley, Laura