Does Vox Machina have enough money to buy another carpet?

anonymous asked: with the loot they have from kraghammer, the dragons lair in vaselhiem and the rest of the money they have from the keep. Do they have enough money to actually redo the flying carpet that was destroyed.

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Combining the dragon loot from both Rimefang and the previous-fought dragons with the rest of the party funds, we are informed in episode 24 (0:16:03) that Vex and Vax had to pay their servants out-of-pocket, since they did not have the 600 gold to pay them from the party treasury. Even the funds received from Nodstoc Greyspine were only 25k, of which 10.5k was quickly divided among the party members as a stipend (ep24, 2:23:31). Some funds might be obtained by way of Whitestone’s treasury, but considering the city’s plight before (and just how shady it is for them to take the money and run), it’s unlikely they’ll walk away with more than 10k. That brings them back to, at best, 30k gold.

The problem with Wondrous items is that they are Very Rare for a reason. Even if they did slap down 50k and gave it to a group of arcane masters to re-enchant, the process would take an in-game year before it would be ready. Keep in mind that between the party’s arrival in Kraghammer to the Winter’s Crest Festival in Whitestone, only 68 days have passed. Approximately a year and a half has passed since the full campaign started. For most adventuring parties, powerful items such as the Carpet of Flying need to have already existed before the band formed in order for such items to serve any use.

Could the party still scrounge up 50k and pay for a re-enchanted carpet? Sure, but it’s probably not the best investment. In episode 14, they walked away with 10 items and 9 potions for 49.2k. With that in mind, it seems hard to justify buying a single item that won’t be available for a while when one could obtain all of those items instead for the same price. Really, their best option is to continue to let their DM know that they reeeeeeeeally want flying items. Maybe Vox Machina will stumble across a potion recipe, or defeat a hag that just happened to have a Wondrous but Merely Uncommon Broom of Flying.