Fey Creatures

Anonymous asked: I'm new to DnD. In regards to the lycans and pixies and other creatures of the Fey Wild, are they exclusive to the Fey Wild (i.e. they're not found in the Material Plane due to the core books) or is that part of the DM's choice, this case being Matt?

Fey creatures like satyrs, pixies, and hags are certainly more prolific in the their namesake plane, but that by no means excludes them from the Material Plane. Indeed, while Garmelie warned the party of the hag Wodenna’s hut, Trysta and Forsythia made deals with Tiberius and Vax respectively on the Material Plane. Given the “natural” disposition of fey creatures, it would not be unreasonable for more to be encountered in the wilds of Exandria, should the party find reason to travel out there.

Lycanthropes, on the other hand, can be found just as prolifically on the Material Plane as they can be found in its echoes (i.e., the Feywild and the Shadowfell). The curse of the lycan is by no means limited by plane. Many werebeasts integrate themselves in cities undetected, turning when it conveniences them if they’ve accepted the curse, or when the moon is full if they haven’t.

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