How much does Scanlan owe Percy for the Pepperbox?

anonymous asked: I kinda want to know how much Scanlan owes Percy for his Pepper box.

A generic Pepperbox is listed for 450 GP. Even with Orthax’s assistance, we could conceivably go even higher considering the cost of molding metal for a first-time design, as well as any other complications in building it. For now, we’ll say that the Pepperbox by itself cost 450 GP and a series of weeks to build.

However, enchanted weapons are a bit more expensive than generic weapons, and the Pepperbox had TWO enchantments in place: one frost (bonus +1) and one fire (bonus +1). Since these are separate rather than stacked enchantments, the Pepperbox would still be a +1 enchanted weapon. Using Pathfinder’s rules for magic item creation and this list of magical weapon enhancements (see Ranged Weapon Special Abilities), we determine that adding those two enhancements to the Pepperbox would cost a bare minimum of 4000 GP and 4 days.

On top of all that, 4450 GP is only the minimum up-front cost of the gun. That’s failing to calculate the cost of fixing it every time it broke (one repair since the stream started is 225 GP, plus pre-stream), the cost of obtaining black powder (400 GP from Victor plus pre-stream), and the cost of metal to forge custom bullets (350 GP in episode 23, and gathered scrap metal elsewhere). Gunslinging is an expensive hobby. Most expensive of all is the time required to rebuild a new Pepperbox from scratch: the bullets alone take up a significant time to forge.

TL;DR: We estimate that it will cost Percy at least 4450 GP, and at least three weeks of uninterrupted, problem-free work time to rebuild an enchanted Pepperbox… Assuming, of course, that the memory of its construction didn’t leave with Orthax’s spirit.