anonymous asked: Odd question but have they ever revealed the Heights for all the characters in the Group ?

vox-machina answered: Officially I don’t think so but I’m fairly sure @critrolestats has some info on it.  I know Grog is a little over 7′, the twins, Percy, Keyleth, and Tiberius are all between 5′7″-6′2″.  Scanlan and Pike are both around 3′5″ which is pretty standard for Gnomes.

Unfortunately, the only ones we’re really sure about are Grog and the twins. Grog is stated to be 8′7″ in episode 10 (3:21:35). Liam’s character sheet tells us that he is 5′11″. If what he said about “Stubby” is true (ep22, 1:20:14), Vex is 5′9″.

The specifics for the rest are unknown at this time, but the estimates you provided may still be useful!