Polymorphed Trinket

anonymous asked: How many times has trinket been polymorphed

Surprisingly few, considering the number of circumstances in which a bear would stand out:

  1. Rat (Ep01, 1:18:15) Polymorphed by Keyleth to avoid a barroom brawl.
  2. Kitten (Ep08, 1:27:58) Polymorphed by Keyleth to transport across the Sea of Glass and Bone.
  3. Human (Ep36, 2:01:06) Polymorphed by Keyleth to participate in the pie-eating contest.

Even Seeming has been relatively rare.

  1. Dark Green Fur (ep17, 2:12:43) Forest camouflage against the hydra.
  2. Donkey (ep28, 2:29:24) First day of Whitestone infiltration.
  3. Donkey (ep29, 1:44:07) Second day of Whitestone infiltration.
  4. Donkey (ep30, 1:58:38) Third day of Whitestone infiltration.

In most cases when traveling with him has been difficult, Trinket has either been moved around using Fly:

  1. (ep05, 3:04:39) Getting Trinket back from the duergar war camp.
  2. (ep11, 2:35:19) Sneaking into Yug’Voril to battle K’Varn.
  3. (ep13, 1:32:18) Escaping from Yug’Voril.
  4. (ep17, 2:01:15) Flying over Vasselheim’s walls to pursue the hydra.
  5. (ep27, 3:00:25) Crossing the bridge from Westruun.

Or, simply left behind:

  1. (ep01, 1:02:23) While the party explores Kraghammer.
  2. (ep05, 0:42:17) Outside the duergar war camp.
  3. (ep24, 2:00:44) With Vax while Vex retrieves money from Kraghammer.
  4. (ep25, 0:49:01) In Emon’s stables.
  5. (ep26, 2:27:17) With Percy while the party hunts a roc.
  6. (ep29, 2:37:12) In Sir Stonefell’s cellar.

There was also the time they had to get him on the airship via crane (ep15, 1:27:25).

Poor bear.