Ask: Vox Machina Attributes

itstheduganator asked: I am working on a special gift for the group and need to know some of their characters physical stats, such as height, weight, hair color, eye color, age, etc. Do you know these?

I don’t have the list for the full group anywhere (which is a shame, it’s making it difficult to have complete character sheets!). Most physical characteristics like eye color, hair color, etc. can be determined by looking at Kit’s images.

Height: Grog is stated to be 8′7″ (ep10, 3:21:35). We learned from Liam’s character sheet that Vax is 5′11″. If what he said about “Stubby” is true (ep22, 1:20:14), Vex is 5′9″. The specifics for the rest are unknown at this time.

Weight: We know that Grog is about 600 (ep29, citation needed). Thanks to Tiberius’s calculations for the travel across the Sea of Bone and Glass (ep08, 1:29:26) we have everyone else: Vax 155, Pike 75, Percy 190, Vex 120, Scanlan 75, Keyleth 125. (Incidentally, without Tiberius, everyone with Kima and the stone weighed 950. Since the dragonborn has to weigh at least 170, he got away with carrying more than 1000 lbs, heh heh.)

Age: They did discuss this in episode 29, but not everyone. We know that Vex and Vax are 27, and presumably Scanlan is a little older than that. Orion has stated that Tiberius is 26, soon to be 27. The rest of the characters will need direct input from the players (or really good memory of critters, if any of you remember them saying).

Hopefully that is somewhat useful, if not a good jumping off point. If other Critters have a better memory than we do or know where to look (or, even better, can obtain the character sheets), message us and we’ll work on a master post of sorts. (And maybe eventually have those promised character sheets!)