Scanlan's Suggestions

plagueratchancy asked: Do think there is hopes for a running tally for Scanlan's suggestions?(Such as suggesting Lady Briarwood to makeout with her husband.)

There is! We’ll even throw in the Dominate Persons for free. ;)

Updated to Episode 36.

  1. (Ep04, 2:07:24) The General “to stand down, and to tell all of his allies to stand down.” (Dominate Person, success)
  2. (Ep05, 2:28:40) Matt as Scanlan, dominating one of the hook horrors. (Dominate Monster, success
  3. (Ep07, 3:14:55) King Murghol: “I mentally tell him that he really has the urge to try to do a headstand.” (Suggestion, fail)
  4. (Ep10, 2:01:46) Lady Kima to “check out Grog’s bod.” (Suggestion, fail)
  5. (Ep11, 0:19:17) Matt as Scanlan, Fomorian to “Go for a walk!” “Come back!” “Sit down!” (Dominate Person, success)
  6. (Ep18, 1:52:29) Orc to “protect our goliath, with his life, if he needs to.” (Dominate Person, success)
  7. (Ep24, 2:14:45) Nostoc Greyspine that “he is an honorable man and that we had a deal, and that he should honor it to the fullest extent of the word.” (Suggestion, success)
  8. (Ep25, 1:11:40) Lady Briarwood to “have an unquenchable urge to makeout with her husband” (Suggestion, fail)
  9. (Ep29, 2:46:53) Stonefell Guard: “You’re as cold as ice, willing to sacrifice YOUR BOSS!” (Dominate Person, success)
  10. (Ep34, 4:11:26) Lady Briarwood: “Stop. Collaborate and Listen.” (Suggestion, fail)
  11. (Ep36, 1:10:38) Jasper the farmer, before arm-wrestling: “You don’t want to beat a gnome! YOU DON’T WANT TO BEAT A GNOME.” (Suggestion, fail)

Most interesting is that Scanlan has a 54.5% success rate, with 6 successes (5 Dominates, 1 Suggestion) and 5 failures (all Suggestions).