Vicious Mockery

anonymous asked: Is there a running list of Scanlan's Vicious Mockery attacks?

There wasn’t before you asked. Fortunately, the list is pretty short. (What is most entertaining is that three uses have literally shamed their targets to death.)

  1. Duergar Guard (Ep07, 2:31:52) “You ugly! You ugly! Yo mama says you ugly! You ugly! You ugly! Yo mama says you ugly!” 5 psychic damage.
  2. Abyssal Abomination (Ep08, 2:18:36) “You know what? Your tentacles make you look kind of fat, the elf thing is sort of played out (it’s sort of 1990 Orlando Bloom), and the whole bone thing is just really tacky!” 3 psychic damage.
  3. Vampire Spawn (Ep30, 1:21:38) “Wassup. Wassup, Toothy. Heeeey. Bite me. Bite me! Bite me hard!“ 8 psychic damage.
  4. de Rolo Ghost (Ep33p2, 2:00:00) “You’re so… You’re not even corporeal! You have no substance. You are nuthin’! You’re a nobody! You won’t amount to nuthin’ in this world! FEH! You were nothing in life and now you’re nothing in death!” 6 psychic damage.
  5. Orthax (Ep35, 1:28:58) “Don’t you know? Smoking is the number one cause of cancer and emphysema, and will shorten your life by an estimated 10-20 years. It’s not cool, and you shouldn’t do it!” 5 psychic damage.
  6. Orthax (Ep35, 1:51:43) “And another thing! Your smoking encourages minors to smoke, and creates an aura that makes going to restaurants unpleasant, and it’s just horrible, makes your clothes stink. It’s horrible.“ 8 psychic damage.