Level Ups

anonymous asked: Which episodes or video revealed that the group leveled up.

At the beginning of Episode 9, Matt reveals that all party members leveled to 10. From that point on, the party didn’t have the same number of experience points, meaning they didn’t level up together. This, naturally, makes it difficult to gauge when everyone levels.

Tiberius, Vex, Vax, and Keyleth seem to have reached level 11 by episode 16. Percy, Scanlan, and Grog catch up to them over the next few episodes. Grog reaches level 12 shortly after his second bout with Kern (+2 to Con).

For the most part, the character cards shown on the stream are a good indicator, provided they are updated. Recently, however, Orion tweeted before episode 27 that he had leveled up (+2 to Wis). The card that was shown on the stream was still the same as before. It is unknown if anyone else has leveled, as well, since they haven’t really announced leveling in the most recent episodes. None of the cards have been updated in the past few episodes, either. (You can be sure they’ll be updated here when they are!)

Update: ashesofvalkan points out that Travis spent his Ability Improvement Score on the Great Weapon Master feat when he leveled. She also points out the Vex probably leveled before episode 26, given that Vex began cast Cure Wounds as often as possible. Thanks!