anonymous asked: I'm curious to know how many brothel visits Grog and Scanlan have made so far.

An excellent question, my dear critter. Despite their talk of frequent visits, the actual times are rather rare. It’s possible that they’ve visited more, but we’re only counting when their trips were explicitly stated. (Surprisingly, not once do they mention visiting a brothel during their time in Emon in episodes 24 or 27.) Updated as of Episode 35.

  1. (Ep01, 0:55:02) “Welcome to Kraghammer, gentlemen.”
  2. (Ep14, 2:52:56) After spending all of the platinum, Grog and Scanlan pass the time in Emon.
  3. (Ep17, 1:24:55) Grog disappoints a woman.
  4. (Ep22, 0:37:50) Scanlan “recovers” from the encounter with Rimefang. (Up to debate, whether you accept that Scanlan actually hung out with Zahra or not.)