Deadlands One-Shot: ALL RIGHT

anonymous asked: Deadland one-shot: what percent of the ALL RIGHT!:s were incorporated into the roleplay?

Exactly one third of automated “ALL RIGHT”s were integrated into the game in some form:

Total callouts of “ALL RIGHT”: 81
Total integrated into the game: 27

List of integrated uses below the break!

In-game uses

  1. (0:22:26) One of the poker players goes all in.
  2. (0:24:04) Exclamation of excitement for the beginning of the bar brawl.
  3. (0:25:29) Matt affirms Laura’s choice to go after “the one who was cheatin’.”
  4. (0:28:53) Marisha will roll to notice the monkey.
  5. (0:32:36) Sudese wanders off speaking her own language.
  6. (0:37:18) The reverend addresses one of the bar brawl victims.
  7. (0:41:14) The reverend addresses his fearful patient.
  8. (0:42:02) One of the bar patrons approaches the fortune teller.
  9. (0:42:42) Sudese returns the patron’s greeting.
  10. (0:45:23) “Excuse me, sir, we’re talking.” “Sorry!”
  11. (0:45:35) He wasn’t that sorry.
  12. (0:46:59) The sheriff threatens jail.
  13. (0:50:41) The sheriff makes good on his threat.
  14. (0:57:07) Patient cries out in praise of Stinky’s shared whiskey.
  15. (1:00:34) A patient cries out in a fever state.
  16. (1:16:54) One of the bar patrons agrees with Dan’s assessment of the Reverend.
  17. (1:30:10) Matt celebrates Marisha’s 6.
  18. (1:37:25) Stinky agrees to Al’s terms.
  19. (2:04:19) Stinky approves of Marisha’s choice to add a d6.
  20. (2:13:29) Sudese agrees with Stinky’s suggestion to collect silver.
  21. (2:14:12) Stinky, irritated by Sidney’s fidgeting with his injured hand, offers to check it out again.
  22. (2:15:29) The sound from the depths of the mines is not “All right!”
  23. (2:22:14) Stinky will make a Spirit check.
  24. (2:25:04) The reverend is a little too excited for Sidney to get attacked by the creature.
  25. (2:37:53) That’s what the reverend said to Stinky hitting with 5 of 6 shots.
  26. (2:38:44) Marisha echoes the exclamation in the middle of Stinky’s shooting.
  27. (2:49:45) Matt echoes for the end of the stream, followed by Laura and Liam.