Gilmore Appearances

anonymous asks: How many times has Gilmore appeared?

Gilmore has long been a favorite NPC of the players and he has won the hearts of many a Critter as well, through sheer force of personality. He appears more often than most NPCs, but it never seems like enough. Updated through episode 41.

14 Shopping and Shipping

(2:03:27) The much-hyped Gilmore appears in his shop with much aplomb in a flash of beaded curtain, has lunch with Vax and flirts mercilessly with him, then returns to haggle with Vex over the price of potions.

15 Skyward

(0:23:35) Scanlan returns to Gilmore’s to request his infamous scrying potion.

24 The Feast

(0:54:36) Vax’ildan visits Gilmore’s to exchange news and buy daggers. Despite being in Westruun, Gilmore makes a spell-expensive trip back to the Emon shop just to see Vax.

38 Echoes of the Past

(0:42:45) A chance encounter between Vox Machina and Gilmore at the bar, resulting in a fantastic feast, spilled secrets about the Whispered One, and a heartbreaking conversation.

39 Omens

(3:20:45) Grog and Scanlan go to Gilmore’s and walk with Gilmore to the fateful gathering.

41 In Ruins

(2:19:50) Vox Machina find Sherri, Salda, the children, and a half-dead Gilmore hidden in Gilmore’s bunker. Pike heals Gilmore, and half the party escorts the group back through the secret tunnels to the Keep.