Greyskull Keep Staff

the-great-designo asks: I want to draw the staff of Grey Skull keep- I believe there are just 5 of them, Jarett, two other guardsmen, the cook, and the old man who manages them. Are there any more? ( also it would be super cool if you posted what descriptors Matt has said about them so far)

  • Erwen Dastell: Servant of Greyskull. Elderly around 100-110 years old. Ruddier skin, long grey ponytail, clean-shaven. Small spectacles across his nose. Lanky physique, generally wears long, grey-blue coats.
  • Laina Yor: Cook of Greyskull. Late 30s, caucasian, blonde hair, generally pulled back in a ponytail or bun. Generally wears an apron over simple dresses. Plump and nearly always smiling.
  • Jarett Howarth: Head of the guard. “A hottie,” according to Matt. He is in his early 20s, hails from Ank’Harel, has short, jet black hair and very tan skin. Well dressed over studded leather armor, wields a crossbow.
  • Shayne Trantor: Evening guard. Woman with short, rough red hair, scars across both cheeks from a broken glass in a fight. Wields a crossbow and a broadsword.
  • Cordell: Evening guard. Half-orc man (20s), short black hair, dresses in scale armor, carries a sword on his back and also wields a crossbow.
  • Kendrick Yeates: Day guard. Human man, middle-aged.
  • Nitebe Kurios: Day guard. Elven male rogue.