Grog's Strength

anonymous asks: Grog's strength not too long ago was a solid 19, oh so close to that shiny golden 20; now it has dropped down to 17 :(. Any idea why this occurred? I assume it is because he changes equipment of some kind but I can't figure out what would be worth such a drastic drop. Insight?

The clever people over at the Critical Role subreddit figured out (with confirmation from Matt himself) that Grog had to deattune to a third item in order to attune to Craven Edge. In this case, the item was Gauntlets of Ogre Strength.

Once he reached level 13, the 1 point removed from his strength mod was naturally replaced by the increase of his proficiency to 5, meaning Grog didn’t even feel the loss for his ability checks (Athletics) or attacks. Additionally, while the gauntlets offer a cool guaranteed 19 STR, Craven has the potential to increase his STR far beyond that (up to STR 25) in the heat of combat. And, in the probable distant event that Craven gets separated from his partner, Grog can always re-attune to the bracers.