Platinum Golem

chaosmorning asks: I know they only appeared briefly, but I was wondering (as I hope to include them in my own game), if any of the stats of the Platinum Golems (that appeared in the vault the Horn of Orcus was sealed in) are known?

The Platinum Golems didn’t get much screen time (a grand total of 7 minutes, 48 seconds). After all, they were intended to create a sense of urgency rather than form an actual encounter.

We know Matt rolled three damage dice to deal 24 points of slashing damage to Kima from one of the golem’s cleavers. This seems comparable to the Iron Golem’s sword attack, which has a +13 to hit, 10-foot reach, and 3d10+7 damage (average of 23). This attack also knocked the halfing back 10 feet, requiring an acrobatics check to avoid falling prone.

Based on this, we’d suggest that you use the Iron Golem as the template for your own Platinum Golems (MM, p170):

  • First Appearance: 16 Enter Vasselheim
  • Challenge rating: 16 (individual), 29 (four together)*
  • Armor class: 20
  • Speed: 30 ft
  • Darkvision 120 ft, Passive 10
  • Immune to Fire, Poison, Psychic, and nonmagical, non-adamantine weapon damage
  • Immune to Charmed, Exhaustion, Frightened, Paralyzed, Petrified, and Poisoned
  • Advantage on saving throws against spells
  • ABSORBS fire damage and turns it into health
  • Average, Max HP: 210, 300

*Note that fighting four Platinum Golems would be slightly less difficult than fighting a single Tarrasque.

We would also suggest replacing the Poison Breath with something that would more likely be in Bahamut’s holy arsenal, like Radiant Breath. Hope your players have fun with those!