Lyra Mentions Aldor

kstyrax asks: Hey, first of all I would just like to say that I love what you do here and you are a credit to the Critter community. I was rewetting some Crit Role clips and during the Trial of the Take I wondered just how many times Lyra actually mentioned Aldor, and you were the only people that I could possibly turn to.

First off, thank YOU!  Secondly, we listened for all the times that Lyra mentioned Aldor by name.  Here’s that list!

Times Lyra mentions Aldor by name: 17

18 Trial of the Take Part 1

  • (0:29:45) I came here because my boyfriend, Aldor…
  • (0:43:08) It was a warg.  It almost absconded with my boyfriend, Aldor…
  • (0:44:16) It was either the warg, or Aldor.  And I’ll do anything to save Aldor.
  • (0:48:13) I would say Aldor, but he will not talk to me.
  • (1:00:16) As long as it’s a love story between me and Aldor.
  • (1:05:55) It’s so beautiful to see the friendship you have.  If I had that with another person say, Aldor…
  • (1:21:26) Huh, Aldor, what?!
  • (2:11:07) Is that why [casting Friends] didn’t work on Aldor?
  • (2:22:31) You see, when I first met Aldor…

19 Trial of the Take Part 2

  • (0:45:52) I was just thinking, back in the cavern, if Aldor was here…he smells like sandalwood and dismissiveness…it’s ok.
  • (0:57:16) I was hoping Aldor would be here, but he isn’t and that’s fine, it’ll be the next one.
  • (0:57:31) Aldor, I was here with Aldor.
  • (1:19:08) I wish Aldor would do that to me.
  • (3:27:16) Then I notice, “Aldor, why are you so short?”
  • (3:47:24) I realized that the reason Aldor doesn’t love me is that I don’t have enough experience, sexually.