Maximum Damage

Anonymous asked: Given the equipment everyone currently owns (and ignoring the ability to trade between characters, for simplicity's sake) and their respective abilities/feats, what is the maximum amount of damage each member of Vox Machina can deal in a single round to a single opponent, discounting potential weaknesses or special vulnerabilities?

Good question! So, assuming a single target only, here is the maximum damage each member of Vox Machina can do with their current list of items/abilities (as of the end of episode 52). Assume every damage die rolls its maximum value in all cases, and that the target has no special resistances/vulnerabilities that we need to keep track of. If you’re interested in seeing the full calculations for each of these, check out this sheet.

Note that the spellcasters often have additional status effects or area-of-effect capabilities with their spells, so their damage totals are correspondingly lower. Keyleth in particular can do far more damage in a single round if we allow for multiple targets and use her spells instead of beast shapes.

We should emphasize that the odds of any of these situations actually happening are almost incalculably low; for the non-spellcasters, it requires three or four natural 20s in a row in addition to maxing out the damage dice. The best we’ve seen in a single round is back-to-back natural 20s from an angry Vex in episode 25.

Vax: 182

  • Boots of Haste activated, giving him three attacks.
  • Throws Dagger of Venom, Dagger of Life-Stealing, and Keen Dagger (in that order).
  • Applies Sharpshooter to all three attacks.
  • Gets Sneak Attack on first hit.
  • Crits on all three attacks, or alternatively, hits a surprised target on first attack and crits on the next two.
    • Doubles all dagger weapon and sneak attack dice, but not poison or sharpshooter damage.
  • Target fails Constitution save on Dagger of Venom and is poisoned.

Vex: 202

  • Target is affected by Hunter’s Mark.
  • Uses Longbow of the Sky Sentinel with Blazing Bowstring activated followed by the longbow with blood-seeking activated.
  • Gets Sneak Attack on first hit.
  • Crits on all four attacks.
    • Doubles base bow weapon, Hunter’s Mark, and sneak attack dice, but not lightning, fire, or bloodseeking damage.

Trinket: 68

  • Full-round attack of two claws and one bite attack.
  • Crits on all three attacks.
    • Doubles all dice damage.

Grog: 228

  • Frenzied rage, giving him three attacks and +3 bonus damage to all attacks.
  • Uses Bloodaxe and the Titanstone Knuckles (increases strength to 24).
  • Applies Great Weapon Master to all attacks.
  • Crits on all three attacks.
    • Doubles base greataxe damage dice, but not necrotic damage dice.
    • Brutal critical gives two more dice

Update: An anon reminded us of the extra benefit of the Titanstone Knuckles’ Enlarge spell; the weapon the user is holding gets an extra d4 of weapon damage, so Grog’s actual maximum is 252, assuming the Knuckles have been activated.

Percy: 416 (Yes, we’re serious; we double- and triple-checked. #nomercypercy)

  • Uses Action Surge, so has a total of 6 attacks.
  • Target is hexed.
  • 3 shots with Bad News, 1 with Retort (requires 2 reloads of Bad News).
  • Applies Sharpshooter to all four shots.
  • Uses Violent Shot on all four shots.
  • Use 3 grit on first shot, 1 on each successive shot
  • Crits on all four shots.
    • Doubles weapon, hex, and violent shot damage dice.
    • Regenerates one grit point to be used for next shot.

Scanlan: 128

  • Uses Bigby’s Clenched Fist, cast at 7th level.
  • Crits on attack roll.
    • Doubles all dice.

Pike: 108

  • Casts 6th level Guiding Bolt.
  • Crits on attack roll.
    • Doubles all dice.

Edit: @GalushiTheDwarf points out that clerics have access to Inflict Wounds and can use a Spiritual Weapon as a bonus action. So, with this new information, Pike’s actual max total is 196. This requires:

  • A 5th level Spiritual Weapon cast in a previous round, use the bonus action attack.
  • A 6th level Inflict Wounds.
  • Crit on both attacks.
    • Doubles all damage dice, not the wisdom modifier for Inflict Wounds.

Keyleth: 110

  • Multiattack in Giant Scorpion form. (Note: we’re only checking Beast Shaping forms we’ve seen her use the most often on-stream- checking every single creature she can turn into is a monumental task, since she can become any beast of challenge rating 4 or lower in addition to her elemental forms.)
  • Activates Burning Hands from the Sparkstone.
  • Crits on all three attacks.
  • Doubles dice damage from slam attacks, not poison or burning hands damage.
  • Target fails constitution save from poison in the sting attack.