Monks and Vox Machina

Anonymous asked: Have the party ever encountered a monk, NPC, PC, Hostile, Neutral or Ally.

Vox Machina met Earthbreaker Groon, monk and head of the temple of Kord in Vasselheim, in episodes 23 and 43.  Kern, who sparred with Grog in episode 23, trained with Groon, which allowed Kern to take two levels of monk (Kern utilized Dodge, which isn’t available to Level 1 monks). They also defeated a monk in episode 26, along with the old lady mage and The Broker.

Update: Several critters have been kind of enough to point out that, before the stream, Yuri Lowenthal guested in a game as Ghostfist, a dwarven monk. If D&Diesel can be considered canon, Vex and Grog have also met The Headmistress, a human monk played by Jessica Chobot.