Players' Most Used Abilities

t-a-ylor-tot asks: I was wondering if you guys had a list of each players' most used ability/spell. I'm curious.

Many classes have abilities that are central to them and get used nearly every encounter. Furthermore, many players pick of a specific spell or way of fighting that is most comfortable to them and use it over and over.

  • Grog - Grog uses his Rage ability nearly every session. It is his catchphrase, after all.
  • Keyleth -  Beast Shape is pretty obvious, but Keyleth turns into a giant eagle the most (11 times in 42 episodes, to be exact).
  • Percy - The Gunslinger class has many different shooting abilities. Percy tends to use Trick Shot the most out of those (either going for a headshot or looking to knock an enemy’s weapon out of their hands).
  • Pike - Guiding Bolt. Pike exclusively attacked with Guiding Bolt for the first 14 episodes of the stream and still pulls it out quite often, though Spiritual Weapon and her mace have gotten more use of late.
  • Scanlan - Bigby’s Hand (shamona!) and Dimension Door are used about the same amount. (Vicious Mockery is a very close second, though.)
  • Vax - Vax gets the largest amount of damage from Sneak Attack. It also largely informs his playstyle, which involves scouting far ahead of everyone and getting the drop on as many enemies as possible (though it doesn’t always work).
  • Vex - Hunter’s Mark!

And, even though he’s moved back to Draconia:

  • Tiberius - Fireball (We love you, Tibsy.)